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Asia's Role in Governing Global Health
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In an era of rapid and extensive globalisation, the world faces a wide range of transboundary problems that require effective collective action. Key among these are threats to human health that do not recognise national borders, and include emerging and re-emerging infections, rising rates of chronic diseases, inadequate access to affordable and safe medicines, spreading anti-microbial resistance and the health effects of climate change. These threats require a transnational response and thus pose significant challenges to global health governance, as well as to long established notions of national sovereignty. This book investigates the neglected question of the impact of a rising Asia on the management of transboundary health problems. The chapters examine the role played by Asia in the governance of a range of global health issues, from development assistance in health, to global health instruments dealing with tobacco control and disease outbreaks, to health research and knowledge products, and the book concludes by examining the broad themes of a rising Asia's role in the complexity of global health governance.
The various analyses are tied together by a common focus on Asian countries' use of the sovereignty principle, and seek to understand how traditional notions of national sovereignty can both clash with, and enhance, governance objectives in global health. In addition, the contributors examine the interaction between global, regional and domestic institutions, and present current ideas in Asia on the challenge of governing global health. With an inter-disciplinary approach that combines international relations, public policy and public health, this book will be invaluable to both scholars and policy makers working in these fields, as well as Asian politics, social policy and governance more generally.


1, Introduction, Kelley Lee, Tikki Pang and Yeling Tan PART I: ASIAN COUNTRIES AS GLOBAL HEALTH DONORS 2. Japan's Overseas Development Assistance in the Health Sector and Global Health Governance, Christine Pilcavage 3. Global Health Governance in China: the Case of China's Health Aid to Foreign Countries, Jenny Qu Wang, Minquan Liu, Aming Liu, Tao Wei, Hang Li 4. India and Global Health Governance: Past, Present, and Future, Aravinda Guntupalli and Karthik Nachiappan PART II: ASIAN CONTRIBUTIONS TO COLLECTIVE ACTION INSTRUMENTS TO ADDRESS GLOBAL HEALTH CHALLENGES 5. The International Health Regulations (2005): Asia's Contribution to a Global Health Governance Framework, Adam Kamradt-Scott, Kelley Lee, Jingying Xu 6. The Global Health Governance of Pandemic Influenza: A Snapshot of Asia's Contribution, Adam Kamradt-Scott and Sung-Won Yoon 7. The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: Contributions by five Asian countries, Kelley Lee and Wayne Kao PART III: ASIAN PARTICIPATION IN GOVERNING GLOBAL HEALTH RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS 8. Rule-makers, Rule-shapers, and Rule-takers: What role for Asia in the Global Governance of Intellectual Property Rules and Global Health?, Nicole Szlezak and Suerie Moon 9. Global Health Research Governance: An Asian perspective on the need for reform, Sara Bennett, Tikki Pang, Somsak Chunharas and Thaworn Sakhunpanit PART IV: CROSS-CUTTING PERSPECTIVES ON ASIA AND GLOBAL HEALTH GOVERNANCE 10. Complexity and institutional diversity in global health governance: Implications for Asia, Mathias Koenig-Archibugi, 11. Asia and Global Health Governance - Power, Principles and Practice, David Fidler 12. Global Governance for Health: Ten Proposals for Asian Leadership and Influence, Lawrence Gostin


ISBN-13: 9781136172267
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: December, 2012
Pages: 288