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Art Therapy and Clinical Neuroscience
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Main description:

"Art Therapy and Clinical Neuroscience" offers an authoritative introductory account of the latest developments in neuroscience and its impact on art therapy theory and practice. Contributors explore the complex relationship between art and creativity and neurological functions such as stress response, immune functioning, child developmental phases, gender difference, the processing of imagery, attachment, and trauma. It deciphers neuroscientific language and theory and provides concrete applications for art therapy practice and interventions. This book is essential reading for art therapists, expressive arts therapists, counsellors, mental health practitioners and students.


Prologue.; Noah Hass-Cohen and Richard Carr.; Section I: The Framework.; 1. Partnering of Art Therapy and Clinical Neuroscience. Noah Hass-Cohen.; 2. Sensory Processes and Responses. Richard Carr.; 3. The Cortex: Regulation of Sensory and Emotional Experience. Darryl Christian.; 4. Neurotransmitters, Neuromodulators and Hormones: Putting It All Together. Richard Carr.; 5. Visual System in Action. Noah Hass-Cohen and Nicole Loya.; 6. The Stress Response and Adaptation Theory. Kathy Kravits.; Section II: The Ideas.; 7. The Neurobiology of Relatedness: Attachment. Kathy Kravits.; 8. The Influence of Attention Deficit Problems. Darryl Christian.; 9. Memory and Art. Robin Vance and Kara Wahlin.; 10. Couples Art Therapy: Gender Differences in Neuroscience. Jessica Tress Masterson.; Section III: In Praxis.; 11. Circles of Attachment: Art Therapy Albums. Joanna Clyde-Findlay, Margarette Lathan and Noah Hass-Cohen.; 12. Immunity at Risk and Art Therapy. Joanna Clyde Findlay.; 13. Art Therapy, Neuroscience and Complex PTSD. Erin King-West and Noah Hass-Cohen.; 14. Alzheimer's Disease: Creativity, Art and the Brain. Anne Galbraith, Ruth Subrin and Drew Ross.; 15. Art Therapy Protocol and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Noah Hass-Cohen and Terre Bridgham.; 16. CREATE: Art Therapy Relational Neuroscience Principles.; Noah Hass-Cohen.; References.; Index.


ISBN-13: 2370004951317
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication date: September, 2008
Pages: 336
Dimensions: 173.00 x 246.00 x 23.00

Subcategories: Neurology, Physiotherapy