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Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry
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Annual Reports in Medicinal Chemistry provides timely and critical reviews of important topics in medicinal chemistry together with an emphasis on emerging topics in the biological sciences, which are expected to provide the basis for entirely new future therapies.


1 Recent advances in the discovery of GSK-3 inhibitors and a perspective on their utility for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease Robert G. Gentles, Shuanghua Hu, and. Gene Dubowchik 2 Advances in the Development of Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitors Shawn Maddaford, Subhash Annendi, Jailall Remnauth, and Suman Rakhit 3 Small Molecule Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitors as Therapeutic Agents for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Current Progress and Future Hurdles Simon Haydar and Warren Hirst 4 Case History: Chantix (varenicline tartrate) a Nicotinic Partial Agonist Aid to Smoking Cessation Jotham W. Coe, Hans Rollema and Brian T. O'Neill 5 Case History on Tekturna (R) /Rasilez (R) (Aliskiren), a Highly Efficacious Direct Oral Renin Inhibitor as a New Therapy for Hypertension Juergen Maibaum and David Feldman 6 Advances in Vasopressin Receptor Agonists and Antagonists Thomas Ryckmans 7 The Emergence of GPR119 Agonists as Anti-diabetic Agents Robert Jones 8 Non-peptide Ligands for the Gonadotropin Receptors Nicole van Straten, Marco Timmers 9 Recent Advances in Coagulation Serine Protease Inhibitors Mimi Quan and Joanne Smallheer 10 Advances in the Discovery of Anti-Inflammatory FMS Inhibitors Mark Player and Carl Manthey 11 Recent Advances in the Discovery of CB2 Selective Agonists Jayant Thatte, Sangdon Han, and Rob Jones 12 Advances in the Discovery of Small Molecule JAK3 Inhibitors Stephen Wrobleski 13 Recent Advances in Adenosine Receptor (AR) Ligands in Pulmonary Diseases Jeff Zablocki and Rao Kalla 14 Recent Progress in the Development of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Insulin-like Growth Factor Receptor (IGF-1R) Kinase Dinesh Vyas and Mark Wittman 15 Case History: Discovery of Ixabepilone (IXEMPRA[TM]), a First-inclass Epothilone Analogue for Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer Robert M. Borzilleri and Gregory D. 16 Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Inhibitors as Cancer Therapeutics Stefan Peuker and Karen Miller-Moslin 17 Emerging Therapies Based on Inhibitors of Phosphatidyl-Inositol- 3-Kinases (PI3Ks) John M. Nuss, Amy Lew Tsuhako and Neel K. Anand Exelixis 18 Anti-infective Activity of Artemisinin and its Semi-synthetic Derivatives John G. D'Angelo 19 Recent Advances in the Inhibition of Bacterial Type II Topoisomerases Greg Bisacchi & Jacques Dumas 20 Progress Towards the Discovery and Development of Specifically Targeted Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus Nicholas A. Meanwell John F. Kadow and Paul M. Scol 21 Inhibitors of Nuclear Hormone Receptor/Steroid Receptor Coactivator Interactions Terry Moore, John Katzenellenbogen 22 Safety Testing of Drug Metabolites Tom Thompson 23 A Path to Innovation: Gene Knockouts Model New Drug Action Brian Zambrowicz 24 Discovery of Novel Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Tracers Dennis McCarthy 25 The Use of Isotopically Labeled Compounds in Drug Discovery (Chad) Charles S. Elmore 26 Mechanism based inhibition of CYP3A4 and other cytochromes P450 Bernard Murray 27 Nonclinical Toxicogenomics in the Pharmaceutical Environment Bruce D. Car 28 To Market, To Market 2008 Shridhar Hegde and Michelle Schmidt


ISBN-13: 9780080912141
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: October, 2009
Pages: 736

Subcategories: General Issues, General Practice, Pharmacology