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Advanced Methods in Family Therapy Research
A Focus on Validity and Change
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Research is vital in moving the field of family therapy forward, but the myriad of possibilities inherent in working with systems and individuals can overwhelm even the most seasoned researcher. Advanced Methods in Family Therapy Research is the best resource to address the day-to-day questions that researchers have as they investigate couples and families, and the best source for learning long-term theory and methodology. The contributors of this volume share their wisdom on a wide variety of topics including validity concerns, measuring interpersonal process and relational change, dyadic data analysis (demonstrated through a sample research study), mixed methods studies, and recruitment and retention. The volume contains one of the most detailed descriptions of data collections and covers interviewing, using questionnaires, and observing brain activity. Also addressed are suggestions to meaningfully reduce cultural bias, to conduct ethical research, and, in the Health Services Research chapter, to examine interventions for clients in various income brackets.
A separate, ground-breaking chapter also addresses psychophysiological research in a couple and family therapeutic context. As an added benefit, readers will learn how to become informed consumers of journal articles and studies, how to produce quality, publishable research, and how to write fundable grant proposals. Each chapter provides a clear and detailed guide for students, researchers, and professionals, and as a whole Advanced Methods in Family Therapy Research advances the field by teaching readers how to provide evidence that marriage and family therapy not only relieves symptoms, but also effects behavioral change in all family members.


Introduction 1. The Importance of Validity, Relationships, and Change in MFT Research L.N. Johnson, R.B. Miller Section I: Foundational Issues 2. Developing a good research idea R.B. Miller, L. Pfeifer 3. Integrating Theory and Research M. Davey, S. Zeytinoglu, L. Lynch 4. Measurement Issues with Couple and Family Level Data D.M. Busby, F.O. Poulsen 5. Ethical Guidelines for Conducting Clinical Research in Relationship-Focused Therapy S.M. Harris, K. Wickel Section II Data Collection 6. Recruitment and Retention of Couples and Families in Clinical Research M.M. Olson, R.B. Miller 7. Using Questionnaires in Clinical Couple and Family Research D.Linville, J.L. Todahl, M.E. O'Neil 8. Emergent Technologies in MFT Research C.W. Smith, K. Maxwell, L.N. Johnson 9. Physiological Research in Couple and Family Therapy K.D. Gregson, S.A. Ketring 10. Electroencephalography (EEG) in MFT Research T.S. Parker, K.M. Blackburn, R.J. Werner-Wilson Section III Methodologies 11. Cultural Adaptation Research: A Critical Opportunity for Addressing Mental Health Disparities in the Couple and Family Therapy FieldJ.R. Parra-Cardona, M. Whitehead, A.R. Escobar-Chew, K. Holtrop, S. Lappan, S. Horsford, M.D. Rodriguez, and G. Bernal 12. Randomized clinical trials: Putting MFT Interventions to the Test W.H. Denton 13. Single-Case Research K.D. Mennenga, L.N. Johnson 14. Examining Micro-Change in Clinical Populations Using a Daily Diary Approach J.B. Yorgason, L.N. Johnson, N.R. Hardy 15. Observational Research K.S. Wampler, J.M. Harper 16. Qualitative Research for Family Therapy J.E. Gale, M.L. Dolbin-MacNab 17. Mixed-Methods Clinical Research with Couples and Families M.L. Dolbin-MacNab, J.R. Parra-Cardona, J.E. Gale 18. Community Based Participatory Research: Where Family Therapists can make a Difference D.Robinson, M.M. Olson, R. Bischoff, P. Springer, J. Geske 19. Health Services Research: Optimizing Delivery of Care A. Blow, C. Marchiondo Section IV Analysis 20. Applied Statistical Analysis and Interpretation L.N. Johnson, R.B. Miller 21. Missing Data C.M. Wilson, R. H. Barrett, S.C. Stuchell 22. Mediation and Moderation: Conceptual Foundations and Analytical Applications J.R. Anderson, J.A. Durtschi, K.L. Soloski, M.D. Johnson 23. Dyadic or Systemic Data Analysis S.Bartle-Haring, L.M. McWey, J.A. Durtschi 24. Observing Couple and Family Relationships: Data Management and Analysis R.B. Seedall 25. Statistical Analysis with Small Samples R.B. Tambling, S.R. Anderson 26. Integrating Costs into Marriage and Family Therapy Research J.D. Christenson, D.R. Crane


ISBN-13: 9781136192203
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: January, 2014
Pages: 464