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Acute Nursing Care
Recognising and Responding to Medical Emergencies
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Main description:

Delays in recognising deterioration or inappropriate management of people in acute care settings can result in late treatment, avoidable admissions to intensive care units and in some instances unnecessary deaths. As the role of the nurse in healthcare settings continues to change and evolve, today's student nurses need to be equipped with the fundamental skills to recognise and manage deterioration in the patient in a competent and confident manner, as you learn to become practitioners of the future. Using a body systems approach and emphasising the central role and function of the nurse throughout, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the essential issues in this important subject. Topics covered include: recognition and identification of physiological deterioration in adults; identification of disordered physiology that may lead to a medical emergency linked to deterioration of normal function; relevant anatomy and physiology; pathophysiological changes and actions that need to be taken; immediate recognition and response; investigations, diagnosis and management issues; and teaching and preventative strategies.


Chapter 1: Assessment and recognition of emergencies in acute care Chapter 2: Vulnerability in the acutely ill patient Chapter 3: The cell and tissues Chapter 4: Body fluids and electrolytes Chapter 5: The patient with acute respiratory problems Chapter 6: The patient with acute cardiovascular problems Chapter 7: Recognition and management of cardiopulmonary arrest Chapter 8: The patient with acute renal problems Chapter 9: The patient with acute neurological problems Chapter 10: The patient with acute gastro intestinal problems Chapter 11: The patient with acute endocrine problems Chapter 12: The patient with altered immunity and sepsis Chapter 13: The safe transfer of acutely ill patients


ISBN-13: 9781317902782
Publisher: Pearson (Pearson Education Limited)
Publication date: July, 2012
Pages: 376
Dimensions: 210.00 x 274.00 x 17.00