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Action Research for Nurses
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Main description:

Nurses work in complex situations with daily challenges, where the needs of each patient represent unique demands. Action research helps nurses to investigate their practices as reflective practitioners, allowing them to ask `What is going on? How do we understand the existing situation? How do we improve it?'
This book supports nurses in investigating their own professional practices in order to develop the new insights and approaches:
* embodying holistic perspectives in dialogical and relational forms of individual and organisational learning,
* equal emphasis on processes and outcomes;
* welcoming all participants' contributions , and listening to all voices;
* developing a patient-centred focus where people are involved in their own healing;
* building communities of enquiring practices.
This book is intended for undergraduate student nurses, qualified practising nurses in clinical settings who may or may not be engaged in formal professional education courses and nurse educators and managers.


PART 1: WHAT IS ACTION RESEARCH? WHAT IS ITS RELEVANCE TO NURSING?Chapter 1: What do you need to know about action research?Chapter 2: Why should nurses do action research?Chapter 3: Ethical issuesPART 2: HOW DO YOU DO ACTION RESEARCH?Chapter 4: Planning and designing action researchChapter 5: Drawing up and carrying out action plansChapter 6: Monitoring practices and gathering dataChapter 7: Monitoring practices and gathering dataPART 3: SIGNIFICANCE OF YOUR ACTION RESEARCHChapter 8: Writing up your action researchChapter 9: The significance of your action research


ISBN-13: 9781473967335
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Ltd)
Publication date: November, 2015
Pages: 192

Subcategories: Nursing