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Canine and Feline Behavioral Therapy
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Behavior medicine is perhaps the most rapidly emerging discipline in animal health care. Small animal practice is reaching the point where most practitioners are expected to offer their clients help in the behavioral area. Canine and Feline Behavior Therapy, Second Edition offers practical advice from board-certified specialists applicable to any small animal practice. This edition includes revisions based on major advances in the clinical animal behavior field and is written at a level to appeal to veterinary students, canine and feline practitioners, and veterinary behaviorists. Long awaited new edition of classic behavior book Revisions reflect major advances in the field of clinical animal behavior Provides advice applicable to any small animal practice Written at a level that appeals to students, practitioners and specialists alike


Preface. Chapter 1: Introduction. Section I: Basis for Techniques of Behavior Therapy. Chapter 2: Medical Interview and Case History Assessment. Chapter 3: Principles of Behavior Modification. Chapter 4: Hormones and Behavior; Gonadectomy. Chapter 5: General Approaches to Behavioral Pharmacology. Chapter 6: Prescribing Psychotropic Drugs. Chapter 7: The Behavior of Sick Dogs and Cats. Section II: Behavior and Behavior Problems of Dogs. Chapter 8: Aggression Toward People. Chapter 9: Aggression Toward Other Dogs. Chapter 10: Anxieties and Fears. Chapter 11: Barking: Normal and Excessive. Chapter 12: Excessive Activity and Destructiveness. Chapter 13: Escaping and Roaming. Chapter 14: Urination and Defecation Problems. Chapter 15: Attention-Seeking Behavior. Chater 16: Problems with Feeding Behavior. Chapter 17: Problems with Sexual and Maternal Behavior of Dogs. Chapter 18: Repetitive, Compulsive, and Sterotypic Behaviors. Chapter 19: Behavioral Aspects of Aging Dogs. Chapter 20: Selecting and Raising Puppies. Section III: Behavior and Behavior Problems of Cats. Chapter 21: Feline House Soiling: Urine Marking, Inappropriate Urination, and Inappropriate Defecation. Chapter 22: Aggression Toward People and Other Cats. Chapter 23: Inappropriate Feline Scratching. Chapter 24: Problems with Feeding and Predatory Behavior. Chapter 25: Problems with Sexual and Maternal Behavior of Cats. Chapter 26: Repetitive, Compulsive, and Sterotypic Behaviors. Chapter 27: Selecting and Raising Kittens. Section IV: Human-Companion Animal Interactions. Chapter 28: Role of the Dog and Cat in Families. Chapter 29: Dealing with Loss of the Companion Animal. Index


ISBN-13: 9780683039122
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Blackwell Publishers)
Publication date: September, 2006
Pages: 374
Dimensions: 186.00 x 263.00 x 28.00
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