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Behavior in our Bones
How Human Behavior Influences Skeletal Morphology
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Main description:

There is a wealth of research papers, spanning multiple fields, that investigates morphological changes in the human skeleton in relation to behaviour and biomechanics. Finding this information is time consuming and often not accessible. Behavior in our Bones: How Human Behavior Influences Skeletal Morphology brings this information together in one source and provides an accessible approach to this topic, demonstrating the variation in this research while simultaneously covering the topic in sufficient detail for use in research. This resource provides a clear and consistent narrative, with each chapter having a similar structure, clearly building upon evidence for behavior reconstruction from morphological changes before discussing the archaeological/anthropological research and value. This resource is an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to theories and research that have allowed archaeologists/anthropologists to infer behavior and behavioral changes among past populations.


1. Introduction
2. Bone Remodelling
3. Methods
4. Social Complexity and the Cranium
5. Diet and the Mandible
6. Occupation and the shoulder
7. Weaponry and the Humerus
8. Tool use and the hand
9. Childbirth and the Pelvis
10. Horse riding and the Pelvis
11. Subsistence, sedentism, and the long bones
12. Locomotion and the foot
13. Injury, care, and skeletal asymmetry
14. Behaviour under the microscope: Bone microstructure
15. Looking for the future in our bones


ISBN-13: 9780128213834
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc)
Publication date: September, 2022
Pages: 295
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Subcategories: Endocrinology


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