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Atlas of Full Breast Ultrasonography 2016
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Main description:

This atlas describes and illustrates a novel approach, referred to as full breast ultrasonography (FBU), that represents a challenge to conventional breast imaging diagnosis. The coverage encompasses examination technique, diagnostic criteria, the imaging features of a wide variety of lesions, and role in follow-up. FBU involves anatomic ultrasound scanning based on the ductal echography technique proposed by Michel Teboul, supplemented by Doppler and real-time sonoelastography. The approach offers a variety of advantages. Compared with MRI it has a lower cost, wider availability, better resolution, and improved correlation with anatomy. Compared with mammography it has the benefits of absence of irradiation and pain, applicability in all cases, and better overall accuracy. Furthermore, the standardized technique of acquisition and interpretation means that it is suitable as a screening test, unlike classic ultrasonography. FBU is applicable in ultrasound BI-RADS assessment and is of value in depicting both benign and malignant conditions.
It can be recommended as a first-line method of diagnosis and for the follow-up of treated breasts, regardless of the patient's age, sex, or physical condition.


Actual Possibilities and Limits of Modern Imaging Diagnosis in Breast Cancer.- Breast Doppler Ductal Ultrasonography: Definition, History, Advantages.- Breast Doppler Ductal Echography - Technique of Examination Related to the Breast Lobar Anatomy.- Breast Development - Aspects of Doppler Ductal Ultrasonography of the Normal Breast.- Sonoelastography in Addition to Doppler Ductal Echography: Full Breast Ultrasonography.- Full Breast Ultrasonography and the Ultrasound Bi-Rads Assessment.- Full Breast Ultrasonography of the Benign Lesions.- Breast Calcifiations in Full Breast Ultrasonography.- Full Breast Ultrasonography of the Malignant Lesions


ISBN-13: 9783319314174
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: July, 2016
Pages: None
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Subcategories: Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Oncology, Radiology


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