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The Adviser's Guide to Healthcare, Volume 1
An Era of Reform--The Four Pillars
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Main description:

In a radically changing healthcare environment, the tools you need to navigate consulting practices can be found in this Guide.
Developed by two of the foremost consultants in the healthcare industry, The Adviser's Guide to Health Care Second Edition is a comprehensive resource and reference guide for professionals seeking a working knowledge of the myriad factors involved in consulting with and valuing healthcare practices. This title is built around a new taxonomy framework for approaching economic value for the healthcare industry the Four Pillars of reimbursement, regulation, competition, and technology. The Four Pillars framework is carried throughout this book.
An in-depth discussion of the Four Pillars, the reimbursement environment, the regulatory environment, the impact of competitive forces, and technology; and the landmark legislation that has contributed to the current healthcare environment is provided.
Reader tools throughout the Guide help you reference and retain complex information. These tools include:
Sidebars. Key terms, key concepts, key sources, associations, and factoids all serve to enhance and reinforce the core takeaways from each chapter.Tables. Tables are used to display and reference benchmark data, draw comparisons, and illustrate industry data trends.Figures. Graphical depictions of concepts help you comprehend the material.
Keep up with the changing face of healthcare services and consulting practices with The Adviser's Guide to Healthcare!
Key ACA concepts explained, including:
Cadillac TaxCafeteria PlansEmployee Cost SharingFull-Time Equivalent (FTE) EmployeesSmall Business Health Options Program (SHOP) ExchangeSmall Business Healthcare Affordability Tax CreditsSmall Firm Penalty Exemption
Who Will Benefit:
Advisors and consultants to healthcare practices, insurance professionals, hospitals, etc.Valuation (BV/FVS) consultants and advisors.Any practitioner with an interest in healthcare and healthcare practices, healthcare reform, and how it affects businesses.


ISBN-13: 9781943546145
Publisher: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Publication date: November, 2016
Pages: 528
Weight: 666g
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Subcategories: General Practice, Public Health


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