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Mechanical Circulatory Support for Advanced Heart Failure
A Texas Heart Institute/Baylor College of Medicine Approach
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Main description:

This book provides the most up to date information on every aspect of clinical care relating to patients with advanced heart failure who require mechanical circulatory support as a treatment strategy. The book begins with an extensive description of the preoperative patient selection process as well as preoperative medical optimization, including bridge to bridge strategies with short-term devices. The book then transitions into a description of a variety of surgical implantation techniques with special considerations for reoperative surgery. A chapter on intraoperative anesthesia management is specifically focused on intraoperative issues relating to MCS patients. Subsequent chapters focus on perioperative management as well as long-term management of patients on MCS, including optimization of a patient's LVAD speed. A dedicated chapter on the diagnosis of device thrombosis as well as surgical techniques and outcomes associated with device exchanges is also included. The book also summarizes the national and international outcomes data for using MCS as a bridge to transplant and destination therapy. There is also a chapter on the utility of stem cells as an adjunct technique for inducing myocardial recovery. Finally, the book has chapters on complications of MCS, management of right ventricular failure, and the future of MCS.


Mechanical Circulatory Support Therapy for the Treatment of Advanced Heart Failure Editors: Jeffrey A. Morgan, Andrew B. Civitello and O. H. Frazier Table of Contents Foreword - Denton A. Cooley Preface - Jeffrey A. Morgan, Andrew B. Civitello and O. H. Frazier Chapter 1. History of Mechanical Circulatory Support - O. H. Frazier Chapter 2. Who is an Appropriate Candidate for Long-Term MCS: The Art of Patient Selection - Carol S. C. Lai and Andrew B. Civitello Chapter 3. Optimization of Right Ventricular Function Pre-Operatively for LVAD Implantation - Salman Gohar, Samar Sheth, Reynolds M. Delgado, III Chapter 4. Bridge-to-Bridge Strategies with IABP, Impella, and Tandem Heart - Samar Sheth, Salman Bandeali and Joggy K. George Chapter 5. LVAD Surgical Implant Technique: Extra-Peritoneal Approach - Rachel A. Beaupre, Gabriel Loor and Jeffrey A. Morgan Chapter 6. LVAD Surgical Implant Technique: Infra-Diaphragmatic Approach - Jeffrey A. Morgan and O. H. Frazier Chapter 7. Intraoperative Anesthesia Management - Marissa Wagner Mery, Siavosh Saatee and Charles D. Collard Chapter 8. Perioperative Management of LVAD Patients - Krishna Ayyagari, William Patrick Mulvoy, III, Arthur W. Bracey, Cesar A. Castillo, James P. Herlihy Chapter 9. Perioperative Optimization of a Patient's Fluid Status - Sarah A. Shearer and Whitson B. Etheridge Chapter 10. Chronic Management of Patients with Left Ventricular Assist Devices - Luke C. Cunningham and Ajith P. Nair Chapter 11. Surveillance Echocardiography for LVAD Patients - Raymond F. Stainback Chapter 12. Diagnosis of Device Thrombosis - Cyril Varughese, Ajith P. Nair and Jordan Chaisson Chapter 13. Device Exchange: THI Technique Involving a Left Subcostal Approach - Tadahisa Sugiura and Masashi Kawabori Chapter 14. Mechanical Circulatory Support to Bridge to a Long-term Continuous-flow Left Ventricular Assist Device as a Bridge to Heart Transplantation - Chitaru Kurihara Chapter 15. Outcomes Using LVADs for Destination Therapy - Priyanka Sen and Selby B. Oberton Chapter 16. Cardiac Regenerative Strategies for Advanced Heart Failure - Vivekkumar Patel, Megumi Mathison, Vivek Singh, Jianchang Yang and Todd K. Rosengart Chapter 17. Long-Term Complications of Ventricular Assist Devices - George V. Letsou Chapter 18. Right Ventricular Failure in Patients Undergoing LVAD Placement - David Kuten and Joggy K. George


ISBN-13: 9783319653631
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: October, 2017
Pages: 320
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Anaesthetics and Pain, Cardiothoracic, Cardiovascular Medicine


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