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International Society for Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes

18 - 21 Oct. 2017

1st Meeting of the Joint European Neonatal Societies (JENS)

16 - 20 September 2015, Budapest

Anticipated attendance: 2000 delegates Delegate profile: Neonatologists, Paediatricians, Nurses and Researchers Conference code: JENS15 Meeting website:www.jens2015.eu
Exhibition address: HungExpo
Albertirsai út 10.


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Exhibition overview

jENS will bring together thousands of participants from many countries across Europe and around the world to discuss emerging science, share best practice and knowledge and to learn from experts and explore new tools and technologies. A top-ranked faculty of invited speakers who are all well-known international experts in their field will participate by presenting and chairing sessions. Information will be shared on practice and research issues, standards of care, and educational opportunities. Networking and communication with other professional organisations are promoted.

Exhibition details

The scientific programme will include the following topics:

 Brain & Development 
a Brain & Development - Early developmental care
b Brain & Development - Neonatal Brain Injury and Neuroprotection
c Brain & Development - Neurodevelopmental Outcome
d Brain & Development - Pain and stress
e Brain & Development - Placenta and prenatal factors
f Brain & Development - Structural and Functional Brain Imaging

Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology
a Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Microcirculation and oxygen transport
b Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Organ blood flow and autoregulation
c Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Pulmonary Hypertension
d Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Systemic circulation and cardiac output
e Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematology - Transfusion and volume therapy
f Circulation, O2 Transport and Haematologyt - Placenta and prenatal factors

a Epidemiology - Early origins of adult disease
c Epidemiology - Genetically defined risk
d Epidemiology - Host responses and early diagnosis of infection
e Epidemiology - Nosocomial infection and colonization

a Ethics and limitations to care

Nutrition and gastroenterology 
a Nutrition and gastroenterology - Breast feeding
b Nutrition and gastroenterology - Metabolism
c Nutrition and gastroenterology - Micronutrients
d Nutrition and gastroenterology - Necrotising Enterocolitis
e Nutrition and gastroenterology - Nutrition of the Very Preterm
f Nutrition and gastroenterology - Obesity and risk factors for cardiovascular disease
g Nutrition and gastroenterology - Perinatal growth

a Pharmacology - Good Clinical practice - in practice
b Pharmacology - Pharmacokinetics in the newborn period
c Pharmacology - Testing medicines in children

a Pulmonology - Apnea and respiratory control
b Pulmonology - Delivery room management
c Pulmonology - Long-term lung function
d Pulmonology - Lung injury
e Pulmonology - Mechanical ventilation
f Pulmonology - Surfactant 
g Pulmonology - Non-invasive ventilation
h Pulmonology- Placenta and prenatal factors

a Other - Involvement of parents in care
b Other - Neonatal Transportation
c Other - Medical Education and Training
d Other - NICU design and Family centres care
e Other - Organization of perinatal care
f Other - Quality improvement and Safety and Error Prevention
g Other - Miscellanea

Deadline details

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  • Receipt of display material: Aug. 14, 2015

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