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International Society for Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes

18 - 21 Oct. 2017

25th Congress of the European Rhinologic Society

22 - 26 June 2014, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Anticipated attendance: 1200 delegates Delegate profile: Otorhinolaryngologists, allergists, immunologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, respiratory physicians and allied medical professionals. Conference code: ERS14A Meeting website:www2.kenes.com/ers/Pages/Home.aspx
Exhibition address: Beurs van Berlage
Damrak 243
The Netherlands

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Exhibition overview

The European Rhinologic Society provides a forum for the exchange of experience among specialists, interested in rhinology, allergology, related facial plastic surgery and other fields. This goal is achieved by biannual congresses, held in cooperation with the International Symposium on Infection and Allergy of the Nose (ISIAN), by accredited courses, fellowships and awards.

ERS-ISIAN 2014 Congress will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It will be the 25th Congress of the ERS and the 33rd Congress of ISIAN. It is a highly influential event that’s a platform for the exchange of expertise among international specialists.

Exhibition details

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Topics will include:

Treatment of allergic rhinitis

Immunotherapy (allergic vaccines

Management of complications of acute rhinosinusitis

Nasal hyperreactivity/nonallergic rhinitis

Smell and taste

Management of CRS

Upper airway inflammation in dhildren

Pathofysiology of CRS

Severe chronic upper airway diseases incl. lower airways

Surgery of the orbit

Aspirin desensitisation

Balloon sinuplasty - pros and cons

Complications In fess- how to avoid the worst scenarios


Juvenile angiofibromas

Endoscopic surgery of Mmlignant tumors

Endoscopic DCR

Management of severe epistaxis

Management of invasis fungal diseases In the paranasal sinuses

Rhino neurosurgery

Endoscopic pituitary surgery

Inverted papillomas

Surgical techniques for the inferior turbinate

The frontal sinus

Defects of the anterior skull base, filling the gap

Cystic fbrosis

Rhinology in 2020: - what should we expect? 

Persistent infection after surgery

Intranasal trigeminal function

Extent of surgery in CRS with NP

Prognostic and decision factors in the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps

Management of the patient who has failed FESS

3D Endoscopic anatomy of the paranasal sinus 

Comprehensive imaging of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses

How to learn functional corrective nasal surgery

Silent or imploding sinus syndrome, pneumosinus dilatans

Endonasal endoscopic orbital decompression (EEOD)

Adenocarcinoma of the ethmoid

Functional rhinoplasty in primary and revision surgery

Topical steroids

Tip surgery in rhinoplasty

The role of septum deformity, nasal valve and inferior turbinate in nasal obstruction

Facial surgery beyond the nose

Genetic versus environment

Correction of deviated nose

Genetics of CRS

Anesthesia in sinonasal and skull surgery

Training FESS and skull base (virtual reality)

Objective Airway assessment

Management of odontogenic rhinosinusitis

Fungal sinusitis (surgery, aetiology, behavior) in developing countries

Revision FESS

Snoring and OSAS

Environmental factors in CRS

Closure of septal perforation

Preoperative assessment of CT scan

Preoperative assessment of rhinoplasty patients

Selection of patients for surgery

Nasal surgery in children

Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia

Endoscopic transnasal anatomy of the infratemporal fossa and upper parapharyngeal space

Revision rhinoplasty

Outcome assessment in CRS

Control of disease

Body dismorphic disorders and the nose

Facial pain

Bibliographic websearch and medical Powerpoint: how to be more efficient

Writing a paper Rhinology will accept

Is academic career in Rhinology for you (Anne Schilder)

Endonasal placement of spreader grafts: easy way to put them (MESBAHI A.)

Sphenoid lateral recess meningo-encephaloceles:

Endoscopic approach to the spenoid sinus

Immunodeficiencies in CRS

Clinical management of difficult CRS patients

Mucociliary disfunction from diagnosis to treatment

Pharmacogenetics (Watelet, Pujols)

Tissue enginering

Nasal obstruction in children (including newborn)

Nasal provocation test: allergen provocation

Nasal provocation test: CDA provocation

Personalized medicine for CRS: the future is now

Postnasal drip

The cleft lip Vasculitis, Wegener

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