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Working with Embodiment in Supervision
A Systemic Approach
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Main description:

Working with Embodiment in Supervision: A Systemic Approach offers a number of approaches to working with the body in therapy and counselling supervision. The authors are all experienced supervisors of clinical practice. The book is divided into two parts. Part One addresses how power and difference are embodied, exploring implications for the supervisory process. Part Two offers supervisees and supervisors practices for using our bodies with intention in supervision, working with physical sensation, emotion and bodily movement and expression. The book introduces a repertoire of innovative practices for supervisors to reflect on, talk about and work with embodiment in supervisory practice and includes exercises and detailed guides to assist readers in using the practices in their own work. Working with Embodiment in Supervision will be of use for practitioners (both supervisors and supervisees) involved in supervision of clinical practice, as well as trainers and trainees engaged in supervision training. It should also be of interest to those who want to address embodiment in mental health, psychology, psychotherapy and counselling practice.


Introduction * Bringing our bodies to supervision JO BOWNAS AND GLENDA FREDMAN PART 1 Power and difference embodied in the supervision process * The construction of racial identity: Implications for clinical supervision NICK PENDRY * Supervision across ethnic difference: Learning of a White supervisor and manager PHILIP MESSENT * Supervision as a cluster of conversations SHARON BOND * Using supervision to prepare our bodies for the therapeutic relationship GLENDA FREDMAN * Reflecting on power and difference in the supervision process JO BOWNAS AND GLENDA FREDMAN PART 2 Using our bodies with intention in supervision * Supervision as relational responsivity: The body in co-ordinated meaning making TAIWO AFUAPE * Bodies in conversation: An approach to body-focused supervision JO BOWNAS * Supervision of arousal and disgust CATHERINE BUTLER AND GLENDA FREDMAN * Mindfulness: Bringing body and breath to supervision OLGA LEVITT * Continuing the conversation : Reflecting on embodiment in supervision JO BOWNAS AND GLENDA FREDMAN * After Words JOHN SHOTTER Index


ISBN-13: 9781317648345
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: August, 2016
Pages: 216

Subcategories: Psychotherapy