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Vascular Neurology
Questions and Answers
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Main description:

The only review book for the biggest subspecialty in neurology, "Vascular Neurology: Questions and Answers" contains more than 500 questions and answers to help readers prepare for the vascular neurology Boards, as well as the neurology Boards and the RITE.A major market for "Vascular Neurology: Questions and Answers" will be general neurologists whose practice sees at least 25 per cent stroke patients. Until 2009, these neurologists can be certified with the vascular neurology Boards. After 2009, they will need to commit to a yearlong approved fellowship. "Vascular Neurology" will be an essential review for the thousands of neurologists currently eligible for vascular neurology certification.Board-formatted review questions are used throughout, each with an answer and detailed explanation. The information in the book ranges from review of basic neuroscience to "must-know" clinical neurology to neurovascular esoteric. Divided into nine key sections for targeted topic review, this is the most comprehensive and effective way to prepare for your exams.It provides applicability to a wide range of physicians, including medical students neurology residents, vascular neurologists, cardiologists, neurosurgeons, internists, hospitalists.
It features a testing without anxiety - self-assessment format for board examinations. It offers a Q&A format with explanatory answers and references for further investigation. It provides a clinical scenario format with real-life patients. It features excellent color and black and white radiological images. It also features excellent color neuropathological images.


Contents: Basic Science; Pharmacology; Clinical Stroke; Clinical Cardiology; Clinical Hematology; Clinical Pediatrics; Imaging; Clinical Pathology; Rehabilitation.


ISBN-13: 9781934559895
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Publication date: February, 2008
Pages: 360
Dimensions: 160.00 x 224.00 x 17.00

Subcategories: Neurology