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Undisciplined Economist
Robert G. Evans on Health Economics, Health Care Policy, and Population Health
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Main description:

For four decades Robert Evans has been Canada's foremost health policy analyst and commentator, playing a leadership role in the development of both health economics and population health at home and internationally. An Undisciplined Economist collects Evans' most important contributions and includes two new articles. The topics addressed range widely, from the peculiar structure of the health care industry to the social determinants of the health of entire populations to the misleading role that economists have sometimes played in health policy debates. Written with Evans' characteristic clarity, candour, and wit, these essays unabashedly expose health policy myths and the special interests that lie behind them. He refutes claims that public health insurance is unsustainable, that the health care costs of an aging population will bankrupt Canada, that user charges will make the health care system more efficient, and that health care is the most important determinant of a population's health. An Undisciplined Economist is a valuable collection for those familiar with Evans' work, a lucid introduction for those new to the fields of health economics, health policy, and population health, and a fitting tribute to an outstanding scholar.


ISBN-13: 9780773599475
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press
Publication date: September, 2016
Pages: 520

Subcategories: Public Health