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Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders (Adults)
Scientific Foundations and Therapeutic Models
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Main description:

Chronic childhood trauma, such as prolonged abuse or family violence, can severely disrupt a person's development, basic sense of self, and later relationships. Adults with this type of history often come to therapy with complex symptoms that go beyond existing criteria for PTSD. This important book brings together prominent authorities to present the latest thinking on complex traumatic stress disorders and provide practical guidelines for conceptualization and treatment. Evidence-based assessment procedures are detailed, and innovative individual, couple, family, and group therapies are described and illustrated with case vignettes and session transcripts.


Foreword, Judith L. Herman Introduction, Christine A. Courtois and Julian D. Ford I. Overview 1. Defining and Understanding Complex Trauma and Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders, Julian D. Ford and Christine A. Courtois 2. Neurobiological and Developmental Research: Clinical Implications, Julian D. Ford 3. Best Practices in Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents, Julian D. Ford and Marylene Cloitre 4. Best Practices in Psychotherapy for Adults, Christine A. Courtois, Julian D. Ford, and Marylene Cloitre 5. Assessment of the Sequelae of Complex Trauma: Evidence-Based Measures, John Briere and Joseph Spinazzola 6. Assessment of Attachment and Abuse History, and Adult Attachment Style, Daniel Brown 7. Treating Dissociation, Kathy Steele and Onno van der Hart 8. Cultural Competence, Laura S. Brown 9. Therapeutic Alliance and Risk Management, Philip J. Kinsler, Christine A. Courtois, and A. Steven Frankel 10. Living and Working Self-Reflectively to Address Vicarious Trauma, Laurie Anne Pearlman and James Caringi II. Individual Treatment Approaches and Strategies 11. Contextual Therapy, Steven N. Gold 12. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Christie Jackson, Kore Nissenson, and Marylene Cloitre 13. Contextual Behavior Trauma Therapy, Victoria M. Follette, Katherine M. Iverson, and Julian D. Ford 14. Experiential and Emotion-Focused Therapy, Diana Fosha, Sandra Paivio, Kari Gleiser, and Julian D. Ford 15. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Janina Fisher and Pat Ogden 16. Pharmacotherapy, Lewis A. Opler, Michelle S. Grennan, and Julian D. Ford III. Systemic Treatment Approaches and Strategies 17. Internal Family Systems Therapy, Richard C. Schwartz, Mark F. Schwartz, and Lori Galperin 18. Couple Therapy, Susan M. Johnson and Christine A. Courtois 19. Family Systems Therapy, Julian D. Ford and William Saltzman 20. Group Therapy, Julian D. Ford, Roger D. Fallot, and Maxine Harris Conclusion: The Clinical Utility of a Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders Framework, Julian D. Ford and Christine A. Courtois Afterword, Bessel A. van der Kolk


ISBN-13: 9781606237328
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Guilford Publications)
Publication date: September, 2013
Pages: 488

Subcategories: Nursing, Psychology, Psychotherapy