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Translational Medicine
The Future of Therapy
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Main description:

This book brings together a range of academic, industry and practitioner perspectives on translational medicine (TM). It enhances conceptual and practical understanding of the emergence and progress of the field and its potential impact on basic research, therapeutic development, and institutional infrastructure. In recognition of the various implications TM has for public health policy and commercial innovation, the book addresses the major systemic aspects of the field. The contributors explore the dynamic interactions and key challenges in translating new science into viable therapies for the clinic, which includes recognizing the importance of social, commercial, and regulatory environments in addition to good science.


Introduction Introduction to Translational Medicine James Mittra and Christopher-Paul Milne Drivers and Barriers to Translational Medicine New Light Through an Old Window? The "Translational Turn" in Biomedical Research - A Historical Perspective Alison Kraft Translational Medicine: The Industry Perspective Christopher-Paul Milne, Christine Kohn Drivers and Barriers of Translational Medicine: A Regulatory Perspective Partha Roy, Atul Bhattaram, and Shiew Mei Huang Developing an Evaluation Model for Translational Medicine Research Programs Jim Jackson State of the Art in Science and Technology Emerging Concepts in Biomarker Discovery: Cancer Immunotherapy and Degenerative Diseases of the Eye as Model Systems Robert B. Nussenblatt, and Francesco M. Marincola Imaging Biomarkers for Innovative Drug Development: Translation from Bench to Bedside and Back Jingsong Wang Translational Bioinformatics: Bridging the Biological and Clinical Divide Indra Neil Sarkar Institutional Dynamics of Translational Medicine Exploiting Translational Medicine Through Public-Private Partnerships: A Case Study of Scotland's Translational Medicine Research Collaboration (TMRC) James Mittra The Role of the Product Development Partnership as a Translational Mechanism for Delivering Health Solutions in Low-Resource Settings Julius Mugwagwa, Rebecca Hanlin, Joanna Chataway, and Lois Muraguri Conclusions Is Translational Medicine the Future of Therapy? Christopher-Paul Milne and James Mittra


ISBN-13: 9789814364843
Publisher: Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd
Publication date: May, 2013
Pages: 300