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Transformative Learning through Creative Life Writing
Exploring the Self in the Learning Process
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Main description:

Arising from a research project conducted over four years, Transformative Learning through Creative Life Writing, examines the effect of creative writing on learners, in terms of their personal development and individual sense of self. The developmental and therapeutic benefits of writing fictional autobiography are examined through case studies following a number of students from diverse backgrounds with wide ranging life histories. Starting from a teaching and learning perspective, Hunt considers cognitive linguistic approaches and neurophysiological research into the self and consciousness, exploring: The transformative benefits and challenges of creative writing as a therapeutic activity The relationships between literary structures and the processes of thinking and feeling Creative writing as a tool for personal and professional development Collaborative learning and the role of the group The role of cognitive emotional learning in adult education At a time when 'therapeutic education' is under attack, this book brings a fresh perspective, highlighting the benefits and applications of creative life writing in adult education.
With a diverse theoretical grounding supported by empirical research, the arguments presented will interest teachers and researchers working in the field of adult education and professionals involved in therapeutic practice. This book is a great tool for teachers in adult, further and higher education who wish to use creative life writing as a tool for learning, as well as health care professionals seeking art-based techniques for use in their practice. It will also prove useful to academics interested in the relationship between education and psychotherapy, and in the theory and practice of transformative learning, and additionally it will help writers seeking a deeper understanding of the creative process.


Introduction 1: Creative Life Writing for Personal and Professional Development Part I - Stories of Transformative Change 2: Expanding the Psyche through the Learning Process 3: Finding a Stance as a Writer: Simon's Story 4: Reconnecting with the Felt Body for Writing and Learning: Maria's Story 5: Reconceptualising the Self in Time: Susanna's Story Part II - Understanding Mechanisms of Change in Transformative Learning 6: Reflexivity and the Psyche as a Dynamic System 7: Vicissitudes of the Dynamic Psyche and their Consequences for Learning and Creativity Part III - Facilitating Transformative Change through Creative Life Writing 8: Developing Reflexivity through Creative Life Writing 9: Reflexivity and Group Process 10: Reflection and Reflexivity Part IV - Implications for Adult Learning 11: Challenges of Transformative Learning through Creative Life Writing 12: Is Transformative Learning a Form of Therapeutic Education? Conclusion Appendix by Christine Cohen Park: The Cohen Park Exercises


ISBN-13: 9781136734038
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: June, 2013
Pages: 224