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Supporting Young Children with Communication Problems
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Now in its fourth edition, formerly published as How to Manage Communication Problems in Young Children, this invaluable guide to understanding and helping children whose speech and/or language is delayed or impaired has been completely revised and updated, and provides readers with: * Practical advice on how to recognise communication problems * Strategies for supporting children with speech, language and communication needs * Best practice guide for parents and professionals working in partnership * Contributions from a wide-range of specialist speech and language therapists Reflecting new developments and current practice, this book is of interest to parents, early years' practitioners, students in education and speech and language therapy, and anyone interested in pursuing a career with young children in the foundation years. Written in an accessible style, it assumes no prior knowledge and includes a range of practical suggestions for dealing with children with all kinds of communication difficulties.


Preface Glossary 1. Speech, Language and Communication Problems in Young Children Myra Kersner 2. The Development of Communication - Speech and Language Acquisition Myra Kersner 3. Recognising Hearing Problems Magdalene Moorey and Merle Mahon 4. How to Recognise Speech, Language and Communication Problems Jannet A. Wright and Myra Kersner 5. Working with Parents Keena Cummins 6. Stammering and Early Dysfluency in Young Children Trudy Stewart and Alison McLaughlin 7. Links between Social, Mental and Emotional Health Difficulties, and Communication Needs Melanie Cross 8. Autism Spectrum Disorders Tom Loucas 9. Language Programmes Blanca Schaefer and Silke Fricke 10. Supporting Young Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs Myra Kersner and Jannet A. Wright Index


ISBN-13: 9781317487135
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press)
Publication date: April, 2015
Pages: 176

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy