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The sirtuin family of proteins (SIRT1-7) received a lot of attention in recent years as they serve as metabolic sensors that control not only metabolism, but also aging and lifespan regulation. As such, sirtuins are strong targets for the treatment of age-related metabolic diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Indeed, many research groups as well as pharmaceutical companies discovered food components and/or drugs that target the sirtuins and provide significant health benefits. This book focuses on various aspects of sirtuin biology, from basic biochemistry, via molecular function, to its role in (fighting) human disease.


General introductionRiekelt H. Houtkooper Biochemistry and Enzymology of SirtuinsYue Yang and Anthony A. Sauve NAD+ as a pharmacological tool to boost sirtuin activityRiekelt H. Houtkooper Protein lysine acylation: abundance, dynamics and functionOlga Pougovkina and Vincent C. J. de Boer SIRT1 in metabolic health and diseaseMarie Boutant and Carles Canto Deacetylation by SIRT3 relieves inhibition of mitochondrial protein function Peter Chhoy, Kristin A. Anderson, Kathleen A. Hershberger, Frank K. Huynh, Angelical S. Martin, Eoin McDonnell, Brett S. Peterson, Laura A. Starzenski, Donald S. Backos, Kristofer S. Fritz, and Matthew D. Hirschey SIRT5 reveals novel enzymatic activities of sirtuinsBin He and Hening Lin Diverse roles for SIRT6 in mammalian healthspan and longevityBernadette M. M. Zwaans, William Giblin and David B. Lombard Sirtuins in cancer - emerging role as modulators of metabolic reprogrammingJaewon J. Lee, Karina N. Gonzalez Herrera and Marcia C. Haigis Sirtuins as metabolic modulators of muscle plasticityKeir Menzies, Julien Francisco Zaldivar-Jolissaint and Johan Auwerx Sirtuins and agingCarles Canto and Riekelt Houtkooper Sirtuins and the Circadian Clock: Epigenetic and Metabolic Crosstalk Selma Masri, Marina Maria Bellet and Paolo Sassone-Corsi Sirtuin activation by small moleculesHassina Massudi, Lindsay E. Wu, and David A. Sinclair Future perspectiveBrian Kennedy Index


ISBN-13: 9789402409628
Publisher: Springer
Publication date: November, 2016
Pages: None
Dimensions: 155.00 x 235.00 x 22.00

Subcategories: Oncology, Physiology