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Single-Case Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Psychology
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Main description:

What is single-case research? How can single-case methods be used within sport and exercise? Single-case research is a powerful method for examining change in outcome variables such as behaviour, performance and psychological constructs, and for assessing the efficacy of interventions. It has innumerable uses within the context of sport and exercise science, such as in the development of more effective performance techniques for athletes and sportspeople and in helping us to better understand exercise behaviours in clinical populations. However, the fundamental principles and techniques of single-case research have not always been clearly understood by students and researchers working in these fields. Single-Case Research Methods in Sport and Exercise Psychology is the first book to fully explain single-case research in the context of sport and exercise. Starting with first principles, the book offers a comprehensive introduction to the single-case research process, from study design to data analysis and presentation.
Including case studies and examples from across sport and exercise psychology, the book provides practical guidance for students and researchers and demonstrates the advantages and common pitfalls of single-case research for anybody working in applied or behavioural science in a sport or exercise setting.


1. Introduction to Single-Case Research: An Overview 2. History and Philosophy of Single-Case Research in Sport and Exercise 3. General Procedures in Single-Case Research 4. Assessing Behaviour in Sport and Exercise 5. The Withdrawal Design in Sport and Exercise 6. Multiple-Baseline Designs in Sport and Exercise 7. The Changing-Criterion Design in Sport and Exercise 8. The Alternating-Treatments Design in Sport and Exercise 9. Analyzing Data in Single-Case Research 10. Single-Case Research in Sport and Exercise: Progress and Prospects


ISBN-13: 9781135189365
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: April, 2011
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 156.00 x 234.00 x 18.00

Subcategories: Sports Medicine