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Sexual Boundary Violations
Therapeutic, Supervisory, and Academic Contexts
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Main description:

Sexual boundary violations are considered the most series ethical infraction in the mental health profession, as well as in higher education and pastoral counseling. Recognized as unethical due to the power imbalance inherent in the structure of the therapist-patient and teacher-student dyads, erotic contact between therapists and patients has been revealed in prevalence studies to occur at an unacceptably high incidence rate (9 to 12 per cent) among mental health practitioners. There exist few programs, teaching methods, and preventative measures that adequately address the problem of sexual boundary violations, despite the fact that discussing this problem openly is no longer taboo. Sexual Boundary Violations addresses this gap, providing educators, trainers, and clinicians with a resource to aid in developing programs, ethics workshops, seminars, and other educative or clinical teaching projects.


1 Acknowledgments 2 Foreword 3 Introduction Part 4 I. Nature and Scope of the Problem Chapter 5 1. How Do They Happen? Chapter 6 2. This Couldn't Happen to Me Chapter 7 3. Precursors to Therapist Sexual Misconduct Chapter 8 4. When is a Couch Just a Couch? Chapter 9 5. The Therapeutic Context Chapter 10 6. Academic and Supervisory Contexts Chapter 11 7. Sexual Misconduct in the Clergy Part 12 II. Reporting, Fallout, and Recovery Chapter 13 8. Reporting and Other Ethical Responsibilities Chapter 14 9. Collateral Damage and Recovery Chapter 15 10. Helping the Victims Part 16 III. Rehabilitation Chapter 17 11. Therapy of the Transgressor Chapter 18 12. Helping the Helpers: Supervision of the Transgressor Part 19 IV. Prevention Chapter 20 13. Responsible Responsivity Chapter 21 14. Love and Hate in the Countertransference: Preventing Violations Through Supervision Chapter 22 15. Boundary Violations Vulnerability Index (BVVI) Chapter 23 16. Teaching Boundaries, Experiencing Boundaries 24 Appendices: Empirical Research 25 Appendix A: Personal and Interpersonal Characteristics of Transgressors: Co-investigator: Mark Hilsenroth 26 Appendix B: A Rorschach Investigation: Co-investigator: Mark Hilsenroth 27 References 28 Index 29 About the Author


ISBN-13: 9781461630685
Publisher: Jason Aronson Inc. Publishers
Publication date: February, 2011
Pages: 308
Dimensions: 156.00 x 233.00 x 18.00