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Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Biological Design, Materials, and Fabrication
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Main description:

Scaffolds for tissue engineering are devices that exploit specific and complex physical and biological functions, in vitro or in vivo, and communicate through biochemical and physical signals with cells and, when implanted, with the body environment. Scaffolds are produced mainly with synthetic materials, and their fabrication technologies are derived from already well-established industrial processes, with some new specific technologies having been developed in the last years to address required complexities. Often, a generalist approach is followed for the translation of materials and technologies designed for other applications, without considering the specific role of scaffolds from a physical and biological point of view. The book illustrates scaffold design principles, with particular relevance to the biological requirements needed to control and drive the biological cross talk, and reviews materials and fabrication and validation methods.


Premise An Evolving State of the Art in Tissue Engineering A T DiBenedetto The functional role of Extra Cellular Matrix E Carletti, M Stoppato, C Migliaresi, A Motta The Premise of Tissue Engineering: Molecular Recognition C J Pateman & J W Haycock Principles and Biological Pathways to Tissue Regeneration: The tissue regenerative niche R Cancedda & C Lo Sicco Host Response to Biomaterials S Srinivasan & J E Babensee Scaffold Vascularization L E Fitzpatrick, A Lisovsky, E C Ciucurel & M V Sefton Note: The role of osteoblasts on the in vitro vascularization C Migliaresi & A Motta Engineering Biomimetic Scaffolds N Annabi, N E Vrana, P Zorlutuna, F Dehghani & A Khademhosseini Biomaterials for scaffolds: Synthetic polymers L Rojo, B Vazquez & J San Roman Note: Biomimetic scaffolds and remodeling C Migliaresi & A Motta Biomaterials for scaffolds: Natural Polymers L S Wray & D L Kaplan Hydrogels: characteristics and properties R Barbucci & D Pasqui Note: Protein based hydrogels C Migliaresi & A Motta Fabrication methods of tissue engineering scaffolds V M Correlo, J M Oliveira, A R C Duarte, A Martins, A L Oliveira, J Silva-Correia, R. L Reis & N M Neves Engineered scaffolds: Materials and microstructure from nanostructures to macrostructures for tissue engineering V G Varanasi, P S Shiakolas & P B Aswath Note: Decellularized tissues as scaffolds C Migliaresi & A Motta Organ Printing and Cell Encapsulation S Tasoglu, U A Gurkan, S Guven & U Demirci In vitro and in vivo testing M Fini, N Nicoli Aldini & P Torricelli Bioreactor Strategies for In Vitro Conditioning of Engineered Tissues A Goldstein & P Thayer Microvascular imaging methods for tissue engineering B W Thimm, S Hofmann & R Muller Tissue Engineering: Scope, Products, Commercialization Strategies A J Court


ISBN-13: 9789814463218
Publisher: Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd
Publication date: June, 2014
Pages: 350