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Routledge Companion to Bioethics
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Main description:

The Routledge Companion to Bioethics is a comprehensive reference guide to a wide range of contemporary concerns in bioethics. The volume orients the reader in a changing landscape shaped by globalization, health disparities, and rapidly advancing technologies. Bioethics has begun a turn toward a systematic concern with social justice, population health, and public policy. While also covering more traditional topics, this volume fully captures this recent shift and foreshadows the resulting developments in bioethics. It highlights emerging issues such as climate change, transgender, and medical tourism, and re-examines enduring topics, such as autonomy, end-of-life care, and resource allocation.


Contents: Part I Justice and Health Distribution 1. Right to Health Care - John D. Arras. 2. Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities - Michael Marmot and Sridhar Venkatapuram. 3. The Ethics of Rationing: Necessity, Politics, and Fairness - Dan Callahan. 4. QALYs, DALYs, and their Critics - Greg Bognar 5. Immigration and Access to Health Care - Norman Daniels and Kerin Ladin. Part II Bioethics Across Borders 6. Bioethics and Human Rights - Elizabeth Fenton. 7. Ethical challenges of distributing limited health resources in low-income countries - Kjell Arne Johansson. 8. Medical Tourism - I. Glenn Cohen. 9. Do Health Workers have a Duty to Work in Underserved Areas? - Nir Eyal and Samia Hurst. 10. Moral Responsibility for Addressing Climate Change - Madison Powers. Part III Intellectual Property and Commodification 11. Intellectual Property in the Biomedical Sciences - Justin Biddle. 12. Bias, Misconduct, and Integrity in Scientific Research - David Resnik. 13. Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry on Research and Clinical Care - Howard Brody. Part IV Research 14. Biomedical Research Ethics: Landmark Cases, Scandals, and Conceptual Shifts - Jonathan Moreno and Dominic Sisti. 15. Duty of Care and Equipoise in Randomized Controlled Trials - Charles Weijer, Paul Miller, and Mackenzie Graham. 16. The Future of Informed Consent to Research: Reconceptualizing the Process - Paul Appelbaum. 17. Ethical Issues in Genetic Research - Dena S. Davis. 18. Research Involving "Vulnerable Populations": A Critical Analysis - Toby Schonfeld. 19.The Ethics of Incentives for Participation in Research: What's the Problem? - Alan Wertheimer. 20. The Ethics of Biomedical Research Involving Animals - Tom L. Beauchamp. Part V Autonomy and Agency 21. Autonomy - Catriona Mackenzie. 22. Capacity and Competence - Jessica Berg and Katherine Shaw Makielski. 23. Incentives in Health: Ethical Considerations - Richard Ashcroft. 24. Privacy, Surveillance, and Autonomy - Alan Rubel. 25. Public Health and Civil Liberties: Resolving Conflicts - James F. Childress Part VI Reproduction 26. Conscientious Refusal and Access to Abortion and Contraception - Carolyn McLeod and Chloe Fitzgerald 27. Uses of Human Embryos for Reproduction and Research - Francoise Baylis. 28. Regulating Reproduction: A bioethical approach - Isabel Karpin. 29. Children, Parents, and Responsibility for Children's Health - Amy Mullin. 30. Reproductive Travel and Tourism - Gillian Crozier. 31. Population Growth and Decline: Issues of Justice - Margaret Battin. 32. Reproductive Testing for Disability - Adrienne Asch and David Wasserman. Part VII End of Life and Long Term Care 33. Alzheimer's Disease: Quality of Life and the Goals of Care - Bruce Jennings 34. Family Caregivers, Long-term Care, and Global Justice - Lisa Eckenwiler 35. Brain Death - Winston Chiong. 36. From the Permanent Vegetative State to the Minimally Conscious State: Ethical Implications of Disorders of Consciousness - Joseph J. Fins. 37. Disability and Assisted Death - Leslie P. Francis and Anita Silvers. 38. End-of-Life Decisions for Newborns - Marian Verkerk and Hilde Lindemann. Part VIII Embodiment 39. Medicalization, 'Normal Function,' and the Definition of Health - Rebecca Kukla. 40. Human Enhancement - Nicholas Agar and Felice Marshall. 41. Race and Bioethics - Alexis Shotwell and Ami Harbin. 42. Transgender - Jamie Lindemann Nelson. 43. Organ Transplantation Ethics From the Perspective of Embodied Personhood - Fredrik Svenaeus. 44. Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) and the Matter of Ethics - Nikki Sullivan


ISBN-13: 9781136644849
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: December, 2014
Pages: 800