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Research Methods in Health Communication
Principles and Application
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Main description:

This volume provides an essential roster of primary research methods as they apply to health communication inquiry. Editor Bryan B. Whaley brings together key health communication researchers to write about their primary methodological areas. Their chapters offer guidance and insights for a variety of approaches to answering research questions. The methods included here cover: * Exploration and Description: interview/focus groups, case study, ethnography, and surveys; * Examining Messages and Interpersonal Exchanges: narrative analysis, conversational analysis, analyzing physician-patient interactions, social network analysis, and content analysis; * Causal Explication: experimental research, meta-analysis, and meta-synthesis; and * Cultural, Population, and Critical Concerns: rhetorical methods and criticism, and methodological issues when investigating stigmatized populations, and groups with health disparities. Chapters cite or use examples from allied health areas -- nursing, public health, sociology, medicine -- to demonstrate the breadth of health communication studies. This work highlights the importance of methodology in health communication research in multiple contexts.
Developed to provide a fundamental reference for investigating health communication, this volume will serve as an invaluable tool for researchers and students across the social science and health disciplines.


METHOD MATTERS Teresa L. Thompson, Louis P. Cusella, Brian G. Southwell EXPLORATON AND DESCRIPTION Interview/Focus Group Erin E. Donovan, Laura E. Miller, Daena J. Goldsmith Case Study Leigh Arden Ford, Mindi Ann Golden, Eileen Berlin Ray Ethnography Laura E. Ellingson, William K. Rawlins Surveys Susan E. Morgan, Nicholas L. Carcioppolo EXAMINING MESSAGES AND INTERPERSONAL EXCHANGES Narrative Analysis Jill Yamasaki, Barbara F. Sharf, Lynn M. Harter Conversation Analysis Christopher J. Koenig, Jeffrey D. Robinson Analyzing Physician-Patient Interactions Robert A. Bell, Richard L. Kravitz Social Network Analysis Rachel A. Smith Content Analysis Yan Tian, James D. Robinson CAUSAL EXPLICATION Experimental Christopher R. Morse, Bryant University, Brian L. Quick, Julie E. Volkman, Edith Nourse, Bryan B. Whaley Meta-Analysis Seth M. Noar, Leslie B. Snyde Meta-Synthesis Anne M. Stone, Aaron T. Seaman CULTURAL, POPULATION, AND CRITICAL CONCERNS Rhetorical Methods and Criticism Ashli Quesinberry Stokes Methodological Issues: Stigmatized Populations Kathryn L. Greene, Magsamen-Conrad Methodological Issues: Health Disparities Lisa Sparks, Michelle Miller-Day METHOD REFLECTIONS Joan A. Jurich, Austin S. Babrow, Lindsey M. Rose, Spencer D. Patterson


ISBN-13: 9781136294457
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: June, 2014
Pages: 392