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Reproductive Donation
Practice, Policy and Bioethics
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Main description:

Reproductive donation is the most contentious area of assisted reproduction. Even within Europe there are wide variations in what is permitted in each country. This multidisciplinary book takes a fresh look at the practices of egg, sperm and embryo donation and surrogacy, bringing together ethical analysis and empirical research. New evidence is offered on aspects of assisted reproduction and the families these create, including non-traditional types. One of the key issues addressed is should children be told of their donor origin? If they do learn the identity of their donor, what kinds of relationships may be forged between families, the donor and other donor sibling families? Should donation involve a gift relationship? Is intra-familial donation too close for comfort? How should we understand the growing trend for 'reproductive tourism'? This lively and informed discussion offers new insights into reproductive donation and the resulting donor families.


1. Introduction Martin Richards, Guido Pennings and John B. Appleby; 2. The biology of donation Martin Johnson; 3. Ethics for reproductive donation Robert Klitzman; 4. Parenthood: whose right is it anyway? Anja Karnein; 5. Reproductive donation: global perspectives and cultural diversity Zeynep B. Gürtin and Effy Vayena; 6. UK and USA perspectives on the regulation of reproductive donation Theresa Glennon; 7. Gamete and embryo donation: a legal view from Spain Yolanda Garcia-Ruiz and Diana Guerra-Diaz; 8. The legal and ethical regulation of transnational donation Guido Pennings and Zeynep B. Gürtin; 9. Balancing ethical criteria for the recruitment of gamete donors Guido Pennings, Effy Vayena and Kamal Ahuja; 10. Challenges in intra-family donation Effy Vayena and Susan Golombok; 11. ARTs and the single parent Susanna Graham and Andrea Braverman; 12. Reproductive donation and justice for gay and lesbian couples John B. Appleby, Sarah Jennings and Helen Statham; 13. Is disclosure in the best interests of the children conceived by donation? John B. Appleby, Lucy Blake and Tabitha Freeman; 14. Identifiable donors and siblings: implications for the future Tabitha Freeman, John B. Appleby and Vasanti Jadva; 15. Ethical issues in embryo donation Fiona MacCallum and Heather Widdows; 16. Reproduction through surrogacy: the UK and USA experience Andrea Braverman, Polly Casey and Vasanti Jadva; 17. Some conclusions regarding the interaction of normative and descriptive elements in reproductive donation Guido Pennings.


ISBN-13: 9781139534079
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: July, 2012
Pages: 330
Dimensions: 152.00 x 228.00 x 19.00