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Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells and the Liver
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Main description:

The regenerative capacity of the liver has been recognized for centuries, but when it is overwhelmed by insulting stimuli or is chronically damaged, its regenerative capability is substantially reduced or lost. Researchers have been working to find solutions to cure failing human liver function. Given the ability of stem cells to self- renew and differentiate into specialized cell liver types, they represent an attractive strategy to replace lost liver function. This book begins by outlining the complex nature of human liver disease and proceeds to examine the potential that stem cell-based approaches have to offer.


Stem Cell Therapy in the Context of Chronic Liver Disease: Promise and Pitfalls, Prakash Ramachandran Sources of Human Liver Cells and the Challenge of working with Primary Tissue, Janet WC Kung and James A Ross Role of Pluripotent Stem Cells in Regenerative Medicine, Eriona Hysolli, Xiao-Ling Zhou, Renjing Liu, Ji-Hyun Kim, Brian Adams, Gareth Sullivan, and In-Hyun Park Human Liver Development as a Template to Generate High Fidelity Models, Claire N. Medine, Janet WC Kung, Catherine M. Payne, James R. Black, Richard A. Anderson, James A. Ross, John P. Iredale, and David C. Hay Applying Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology to Modelling Human Liver Disease, Nicholas RF Hannan, S. Tamir Rashid, and Ludovic Vallier Applying Stem Cell Technology to High Through-put Drug Screening, Mia Emgard and Petter Bjorquist Stem Cells in the Development of Products for Regenerative Medicine, Paul A. De Sousa, Scott McRae, and Glyn Stacey Cells for Bioartificial Liver Support Humphrey Hodgson, Amy Thomas and Clare Selden Stem Cell Technology and Cell Based Therapies, Nicholas James Davies and Philip Noel Newsome Advances in Cell Therapy for Liver Disease, L. Boulter Technical and Bioethical Challenges associated with using Stem Cells for Research and Therapy, J.L. Tremoleda, I. de Lecuona, and S. Harding


ISBN-13: 9781466513853
Publisher: Science Publishers,U.S.
Publication date: April, 2012
Pages: 200