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Real Life Heroes
Practitioner's Manual
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Main description:

The essential manual for the updated classic. "Real Life Heroes: Practitioner's Manual" is an organized and easy-to-use reference for busy practitioners who provide therapy to children with traumatic stress. This handy step-by-step guide is an accompanying text to the workbook for children called "Real Life Heroes: A Life Story Book for Children, Second Edition", and "Rebuilding Attachments with Traumatized Children: Healing from Losses, Violence, Abuse, and Neglect" (both from Haworth), and provides professionals with structured tools for helping children to reintegrate painful memories and to foster healing from traumatic experiences. "Real Life Heroes: Practitioner's Manual" provides an essential guide for practitioners using the "Real Life Heroes Workbook" as a therapeutic tool. This resource includes premises and strategies from trauma research adapted into a practical format that helps to engage and empower children and caring adults. The manual includes a session summary/progress note that provides an easy-to-complete check-off for key components of each session, progress in the workbook, and targets critical issues, safety plans, trauma triggers, and constructive vs. dysfunctional beliefs.
This guides practitioners to help children to deal with experiences of abuse, neglect, family violence, severe illnesses, deaths, or major losses, building on strengths and resources in the child's family, their culture and their community. Each chapter in "Real Life Heroes: Practitioner's Manual" includes sections explaining: objectives; overview; step by step key points and sequence; problems that can undermine therapy; troubleshooting for challenges and their solutions; and essential elements for each exercise. "The Real Life Heroes: Practitioner's Manual" is a rich resource for practitioners in child and family services including psychologists, child care workers, school counselors, psychiatrists, CASA workers, and adoption specialists who work with troubled and troubling children in home-based family counseling, foster family care, bonding programs, adoption and post-adoption programs, mental health clinics, residential treatment centers, crisis residences, respite centers, and psychiatric hospitals.
This manual is also valuable for educators, students, foster parents, kinship foster parents, adoptive parents, and teachers able to work individually with students within curriculum units designed to foster self-esteem.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part I: First Steps - Preparing For the Journey. Materials and Supplies. A Map and a Compass: Trauma and Attachment-Centered Service Planning. Guardians and Mentors: Finding and Strengthening Caring Adults. Safety Steps. The Pledge: Beginning the Adventure. Structuring Sessions: Guiding the Child. Part II: Real Life Heroes - Chapter by Chapter. Affect Power: Recognizing and Expressing Feelings. Finding and Strengthening Heroes. Caring Adults from the Past: Mentors and Guardians for the Future. Good Times: Bonding with Allies and Mentors. Developing the Hero Inside. The ABCs of Trauma and the Hero's Challenge. Time Lines and Moves. Through the Tough Times. Into the Future. Completing the Book: Telling the Story. Part III: Handouts and Adaptations - Tools for the Journey. Adaptation for Adolescents. Adaptation for Preschool Children and Children with Disabilities. Adaptation for Families with Adopted Children. Real Life Heroes Summary. Resources for Caring Adults. Heroes Library. Developmental-, Trauma-, and Attachment-Centered Service Planning. Important People Questionnaire. My Thermometers: Self-Monitoring. Stronger and Stronger Progress Chart. Session Summary/Progress Notes. Bookmark. Traumatic Stress and the Hero's Challenge (Part I). The ABC's of Trauma and the Hero's Challenge (Part II). Resource Checklist. References. Index.


ISBN-13: 9781136863608
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge Member of the Taylor and Francis Group)
Publication date: July, 2007
Pages: 220
Dimensions: 210.00 x 280.00 x 12.00