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Promoting Healthy Behaviour
A Practical Guide
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Main description:

There is ever growing recognition by governments and healthcare professionals of the need to respond to the challenges of preventable diseases, especially so-called "lifestyle diseases", and of the influence that social class, gender, ethnicity, as well as individual differences play in health. This text explores the fundamental importance of psychology in the development of these lifestyle diseases, and how an understanding of psychological models is essential for the healthcare practitioner to predict behaviours and develop evidence-based interventions. This thoroughly updated edition includes new chapters looking at health inequalities, health promotion, working with special populations and understanding the role of social and psychological factors in some common conditions. These four additional chapters will enable the reader to better understand the place of lifestyle change within wider society.
Beginning with an introduction to healthy behaviour and the context that health practitioners work in, the book goes on to look at issues, including: * The role of psychology in lifestyle change * Diet, alcohol, smoking and active lifestyles * Sexual behaviour * Chronic illness and vulnerable populations. Each chapter includes key features including learning objectives, case studies, key points and discussion questions, as well as how to apply the various research and theories to practice. Promoting Healthy Behaviour is a practical and informative guide for your practice both now and in the future, and is invaluable reading for healthcare professionals at any stage of their careers.


1. Introduction to Healthy Behaviour 2. Health Promotion, Health Education and Public Health 3. Health and Health Inequalities 4. Psychology in Practice 5. Eating Well 6. Being Active 7. Sensible Drinking 8. Quitting Smoking 9. Safer Sex 10. Specific Conditions 11. Special Populations 12. Conclusion


ISBN-13: 9781317818861
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: February, 2014
Pages: 344

Subcategories: Nursing, Public Health