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Process Scale Bioseparations for the Biopharmaceutical Industry
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Main description:

The biopharmaceutical industry has become an increasingly important player in the global economy, and the success of these products depends on the development and implementation of cost-effective, robust and scaleable production processes. Bioseparations-also called downstream processing- can be a key source of competitive advantage to biopharmaceutical developers. "Process Scale Bioseparations for the Biopharmaceutical Industry" brings together scientific principles, empirical approaches, and practical considerations for designing industrial downstream bioprocesses for various classes of biomolecules. Using clear language along with numerous case studies, examples, tables, flow charts, and schematics, the book presents perspectives from experienced professionals involved in purification processes and industrial downstream unit operations. The authors provide useful experimental design strategies and guidelines for developing application-specific process scale bioseparations.
Chapter topics include harvest by centrifugation and filtration, expanded bed chromatography, protein refolding, modes of preparative chromatography, methodologies for resin screening, membrane chromatography, protein crystallization, viral filtration, ultrafiltration/diafiltration, implementing post-approval downstream process changes for an antibody product, and future trends. Ideal for both new and experienced scientists in the biopharmaceutical industry and students, "Process Scale Bioseparations for the Biopharmaceutical Industry" is a comprehensive resource for all topics relevant to industrial process development.


Harvest of a Therapeutic Protein Product from High Cell Density Fermentation Broths: Principles and Case Study. Expanded Bed Adsorption for Capture from Crude Solution. Product Recovery by High-Gradient Magnetic Fishing. Protein Refolding and Scale Up. Bulk Protein Crystallization-Principles and Methods. Modes of Preparative Chromatography. Screening of Chromatographic Stationary Phases. A Priori Prediction of Chromatographic Separations from Protein Structure Data. Membrane Chromatography: Analysis of Breakthrough Curves and Viral Clearance. Ultrafiltration Process Design and Implementation. Virus Filtration Process Design and Implementation. Product Recovery from Transgenic Sources. Analytical Strategy for Biopharmaceutical Development. Evaluation of Viral Clearance in Purification Processes. Advances in Viral Clearance. Protein A Affinity Chromatography for Capture and Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies and Fc-Fusion Proteins: Practical Considerations for Process Development. Polishing Methods for Monoclonal IgG Purification. Making Changes to a Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Process During Development and Commercial Manufacturing: The REMICADE(R) Story. Linear Scale-Up of Ultrafiltration of High Viscosity Process Streams. A Membrane Chromatography Application: A Rapid, High Capacity Gene Therapy Vector Purification Tool. Index


ISBN-13: 9781420016024
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: July, 2006
Pages: 575
Dimensions: 152.00 x 229.00 x 36.00