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Practice of Psychotherapy (Psychology Revivals)
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Freud once humorously remarked that "Anyone who wants to make a living from the treatment of nervous patients must clearly be able to do something to help them". It is amazing how frequently this simple precept is ignored and, when a patient does not get well, how often the failure is attributed to lack of proper motivation, diminutive ego strength, latent schizophrenia, and a multitude of assorted resistances. Difficulties that arise during therapy are not due to a deliberate conspiracy of neglect on the part of the therapist. They usually come about because of obstructive situations that develop in work with patients with which the therapist is unprepared to cope. During his psychiatric career the author, who spent time both teaching and supervising, collected and collated questions from students and graduate therapists who had raised concerns about psychotherapy that related to such obstructive situations. Originally published in 1982, this volume contains both those questions and his answers.


Preface. 1 General Aspects of Psychotherapy 2 Psychoanalysis 3 Psychoanalytically Oriented (Dynamic) Psychotherapy 4 Behavior Therapy (Behavior Modification) 5 Group Therapy 6 Family Therapy 7 Marital (Couples) Therapy 8 Cognitive Therapy 9 Hypnosis 10 Somatic Therapy 11 Short-term Therapy 12 Miscellaneous Therapies 13 Emergencies 14 Psychotherapeutic Practices 15 Psychotherapy in Special Conditions: A. Depression B. Phobias C. Anxiety Reactions D. Alcoholism E. Schizophrenia F. Chronic Mentally Ill G. Personality Disorders H. Miscellaneous Problems 16 Transference and Countertransference 17 Theoretical Aspects 18 Development 19 Psychodynamics 20 Prognosis 21 Outcome 22 Cost-Effectiveness of Psychotherapy 23 Prevention 24 Conclusion. References. Name Index. Subject Index.


ISBN-13: 9781317666400
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: March, 2014
Pages: 422