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Practical Rhinology
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Main description:

An ideal textbook for trainee and practising rhinologists and otolaryngologists, Practical Rhinology provides expert direction on all aspects of rhinology. This up-to-date text addresses the most pertinent aspects of contemporary rhinology and provides a distillation of the current advances in this superspecialty from several of the world's leaders in the field. Designed to help the clinician during day-to-day practice, the book emphasizes clinical management and focuses on the most common disorders and symptoms.

General chapters on anatomy, pre- and post-operative management and complications are accompanied by skilled guidance on how to address specific surgical problems, such as anterior skull base surgery, the frontal sinus, and nasal tumours. Additional chapters provide invaluable information on technical advances, paediatric conditions, CSF leaks, and orbital and lacrimal surgery. Chapters on how to interpret symptoms and the patient's perspective are also included.


Applied surgical anatomy of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses
Dharmbir S Sethi
Making sense of symptoms
Nicholas Jones
Medical management of rhinosinusitis
Jeffrey D Suh, James N Palmer
Technical advances and the endoscopically assisted bimanual technique
Daniel B Simmen
Preoperative work-up and assessment
Peter-John Wormald, Marc A Tewfik
Complications of sinus surgery
Scott M Graham
Orbital and lacrimal surgery
Vijay R Ramakrishnan, James N Palmer
Endonasal surgery of the anterior skull base
Daniel B Simmen
Pituitary and parasellar surgery
Aldo C Stamm, João F Nogueira Jr
Endoscopic management of nasal tumours
Aldo C Stamm, João F Nogueira Jr, Maria L S Silva
Cerebrospinal fluid leaks
Scott M Graham
The frontal sinus
Peter-John Wormald
The posterior ethmoid cells and sphenoid sinus
Dharmbir S Sethi, Boaz Forer
Management of recalcitrant sinusitis, including allergic fungal sinusitis and Samter’s triad
Marc A Tewfik, Erik K Weitzel, Peter-John Wormald
What is new in managing the maxillary sinus?
Scott M Graham
Paediatric issues in sinus surgery
Nicholas Jones
Sinus surgery and olfaction in chronic rhinosinusitis
Daniel B Simmen
Postoperative management
Vijay R Ramakrishnan, James N Palmer
Helping patients
Nicholas Jones
Case studies
Presented by Dharmbir S Sethi and Nicholas Jones


ISBN-13: 9781444128727
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press)
Publication date: September, 2010
Pages: 208



EDITOR: Nicholas Jones BDS MD FRCS FRCS (ORL), Special Professor, University of Nottingham, Queens Medical Centre, University Hospital, Nottingham, UK