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Pharmacogenomics of Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse
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Main description:

Pharmacogenomics is the basis of personalized medicine, which is said to be the medicine of the future. The same pharmacogenomics principles that are applicable for therapeutic drugs are also applicable for drugs of abuse. Understanding genetic variation in alcohol response is vital for professionals involved in alcohol rehabilitation programs. Pharmacogenomics can supplement traditional therapeutic drug monitoring, potentially predicting correct dosage before initiation of the drug therapy. Pharmacogenomics of Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse focuses on how pharmacogenomic principles are applied to alcohol and drug testing and treatment and discusses the role of the clinical laboratory in the practice of personalized medicine. With contributions from a range of experts, the book presents the genetic aspects of alcohol metabolism and other drugs including marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamine. In addition to the basic aspects pharmacogenomics, the book addresses slate and trait markers of drugs of abuse so readers not only become familiarized with this timely topic, but also consider setting appropriate biomarker tests in their clinical laboratory.


Pharmacogenomics Principles and Molecular Mechanisms of Action of Alcohol and Abused Drugs Christine L.H. Snozek and Loralie J. Langman Alcohol: Use and Abuse Amitava Dasgupta Slate and Trait Markers of Alcohol Abuse Joshua Bornhorst, Annjanette Stone, John Nelson, and Kim Light Introduction to Drugs of Abuse Larry Broussard and Catherine Hammett-Stabler Pharmacogenomics of Amphetamine and Related Drugs Steven C. Kazmierczak Pharmacogenomics of Cocaine Loralie J. Langman and Christine L.H. Snozek Genetic Aspect of Marijuana Metabolism and Abuse Pradip Datta Genetic Aspect of Opiate Metabolism and Addiction Jorge L. Sepulveda Pharmacogenomics Aspects of Addiction Treatment F. Gerard Moeller Methodologies in Pharmacogenetics Testing Jorge L. Sepulveda Index


ISBN-13: 9781439856123
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: April, 2012
Pages: 252
Dimensions: 156.00 x 235.00 x 20.00