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Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Volume 3: Gastroenterological, Endocrine, Renal, Hematologic, Oncologic and Immune Systems
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Main description:

This second edition spans four volumes, with major sections dedicated to specific organ systems. Each major section consists of separate chapters dedicated to reviewing the specific disease processes affecting each organ system. Each chapter concludes with a comprehensive list of references, with brief, concise remarks denoting references of ‘special interest’ and ‘of interest’. Consequently, the books are unique in their comprehensive coverage of pediatric critical care and their ease of use and will be of value to those studying towards pediatric critical care examinations and those who are already qualified.


A new edition of the most comprehensive textbook of pediatric critical care medicine

First ostensibly evidence-based pediatric critical care textbook

Relevant for those studying towards pediatric critical care examinations and those who are already qualified

Back cover:

The Editors and contributors of this book take seriously the statement that “For all of the science inherent in the specialty of pediatric critical care medicine, there is still art in providing comfort and solace to our patients and their families. No technology will ever replace the compassion in the touch of a hand or the soothing words of a calm and gentle voice.”  

The four volumes of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence, 2nd Edition detail the continued growth and evolution of the pediatric critical care medicine speciality. They reveal the technological innovations in monitoring and information management and gives witness to the rapid evolution and adoption of novel monitoring techniques, such as continuous venous oximetry and near-infrared spectroscopy. They also cover advances in molecular biology that have led to the era of personalized medicine with the ability to individualize treatment to the unique and specific needs of a patient. As such this volume and its three sister titles will be of immense value to all studying and practicing pediatric critical care medicine or those involved in the management of this group of patients.


Section I. The Gastrointestinal System in Critical Illness and Injury.- Section II. The Endocrine System in Critical Illness and Injury.- Section III. The Renal System in Critical Illness and Injury.- Section IV. The Hematologic System in Critical Illness and Injury.- Section V. Oncologic Disorders in the PICU.- Section VI. The Immune System in Critical Illness and Injury.


ISBN-13: 9781447164166
Publisher: Springer (Springer London)
Publication date: July, 2014
Pages: 497

Subcategories: Critical Care Medicine, Gastroenterology