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Overcoming Chronic Fatigue in Young People
A cognitive-behavioural self-help guide
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Main description:

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue in Young People provides an effective evidence-based, step-by-step guide to managing and overcoming chronic fatigue. The highly-experienced experts Katharine Rimes and Trudie Chalder, present an accessible and practical manual aimed at young people, with downloadable material (available online) to support recovery. The book also includes a guide for parents and a helpful resources section. It is recommended for any young person struggling with chronic fatigue, as well as parents and professionals. Currently, there is no other evidence-based self-help guide available on chronic fatigue aimed at young people. This innovative book contains detailed advice for tailoring a fatigue recovery programme to the individual and shows the health professional how to do this. Topics covered include: Sleep, exercise, coping with stress and school. Based on cognitive behaviour therapy, a treatment approach supported by research evidence, Katherine Rimes and Trudie Chalder have used this guide in specialist CFS / ME service for many years with positive results as reported by both patients and parents.
Overcoming Chronic Fatigue in Young People is aimed at young people with CFS / ME but people with chronic fatigue caused by other conditions will also find it invaluable. It is an essential resource for parents, families and health care professionals in the treatment of their clients.


Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME. Ways to Help You Get Better. Sleep Management. Activity Scheduling. Dealing with Unhelpful Thoughts and Behaviours. Dealing With Stress and Anxiety. Dealing With Other People. Back to School. Severely Affected Young People. The Future. Information for Parents and Other Caregivers. Other Problems and Further Resources.


ISBN-13: 9781317605386
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: July, 2015
Pages: 168