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Operative Obstetrics
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The ten years since the first edition of Operative Obstetrics have witnessed considerable changes in obstetric practice. There has been a continued increase in the rate of cesarean delivery, and the use of minimally-invasive surgery has rapidly gained popularity. Social changes affecting practice have also been significant, prompting a re-evaluation of the appropriateness of certain types of operations during pregnancy. This fully-updated edition includes chapters on cesarean delivery, birth injury, ectopic pregnancy, and common surgical complications. It features a new discussion of surgical procedures performed by non-physicians and an updated treatment of fetal surgery. The text also considers complicated and controversial subjects such as cervical insufficiency, pregnancy termination, instrumental delivery, and shoulder dystocia. Each of the four sections includes an in-depth analysis of the important ethical and legal issues underlying practice for the area in question. An expanded appendix reviews legal concepts pertinent to practitioners in the field of obstetrics.


Forward Leon Speroff; Preface; Part I. Antepartum: 1. A history: operative delivery John Patrick O'Grady and S. L. Burke; 2. Prenatal genetic assessment Gabriel M. Cohn; 3. Ultrasound Stuart Weiner and Alisa Modena; 4. Ectopic pregnancy David B. Seifer; 5. The cervix and cervical insufficiency Munir A. Nazir and Matin L. Gimovsky; 6. Pregnancy termination F. P. Bailey and Heather Z. Sankey; 7. Placental complications Karen W. Green and Matthew A. Esposito; 8. Legal commentary I. Kevin C. Giordano; Part II. Intra Partum and Postpartum: 9. Anesthesia Paul Youngstrom, Margaret Sedensky and Daniel F. Grum; 10. Labor Lucy Bayer-Zwirello, Rebecca Viloria and John Patrick O'Grady; 11. The third stage Lucy Bayer-Zwirello; 12. Breech presentation Martin L. Gimovsky; 13. Multiple gestation Viswanathan Ravishankar and J. Gerald Quirk; 14. Shoulder dystocia James J. Nocon; 15. Legal commentary II Kevin C. Giordano; Part III. Surgery During Pregnancy: 16. Surgery in pregnancy R. Figueroa and J. Gerald Quirk; 17. Instrumental delivery John Patrick O'Grady; 18. Cesarean delivery John Patrick O'Grady, Timothy K. Fitzpatrick and J. Johnson; 19. Urologic complications Richard J. Scotti, Janice N. Young and Mat. H. Ho; 20. Fetal surgery Russell W. Jennings and Shaun M. Kunisaki; 21. Legal commentary III Kevin C. Giordano; Part IV. Special Issues: 22. Fetal assessment Barry Shifrin and Wayne R. Cohen; 23. Birth injury John Patrick O'Grady; 24. Midwives and operative obstetrics Lisa Summers; 25. Education and certification Andrew J. Satin and Shad H. Deering; 26. Ethical issues Joanna M. Cain; 27. Perinatal loss S. L. Burke; 28. Legal commentary IV Kevin C. Giordano; Appendices: 1. Legal issues: principles Kevin C. Giordano; 2. Venous thrombosis/thromboembolism John Patrick O'Grady; 3. Fetal heart rate monitoring: surgical procedures John Patrick O'Grady.


ISBN-13: 9780511577239
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: August, 2008
Pages: 936
Dimensions: 215.00 x 279.00 x 38.00

Subcategories: General, Obstetrics and Gynaecology