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Ocular Drug Delivery Systems
Barriers and Application of Nanoparticulate Systems
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Main description:

Drug discovery for ocular diseases has taken great strides in the last two decades. From cornea to choroid, new drugs have been formulated to address a great variety of ocular diseases. Yet, without good drug delivery systems, these drugs are less effective than they could be, possibly even ineffective or could cause serious side effects. Ocular Drug Delivery Systems: Barriers and Application of Nanoparticulate Systems presents research on the development of currently marketed devices and recent trends in the topical delivery of drugs to the posterior of the eye. With contributions from leading pharmaceutical researchers and industry experts, eye researchers, surgeons, pharmacologists from academia, the National Eye Institute, and leading ophthalmic companies such as Pfizer, Allergan, and Novartis, the book not only presents the state of the art in the use of nanoparticles in ocular drug delivery systems but sets the stage for future developments. This volume gives both a current evaluation and a future roadmap for developments in ocular drug delivery.
The subjects range from biological needs to material challenges and finally to clinical applications for improving drug delivery for conditions where treatments already exist and for unmet needs where effective drugs may be available but yet need a safe, efficient, and efficacious delivery vehicle.


Basic Considerations Nanoparticle-Based Therapeutics: An Overview Deepak Thassu, Kris Holt, and Gerald J. Chader Eye Anatomy, Physiology and Ocular Barriers: Basic Considerations for Drug Delivery Gerald J. Chader and Deepak Thassu Animal Models to Evaluate Ocular Nanoparticular Drug Delivery Systems Vinson M. Wang, Jingsheng Tuo, and Chi-Chao Chan Computer Modeling for Ocular Drug Delivery Paul J. Missel Challenges in the Development of Nanotechnology-Based Ophthalmic Systems Banu S. Zolnik, Sheriza Baksh, and Nakissa Sadrieh Ocular Barriers Blood-Retinal Barrier: The Fundamentals Rosa Fernandes, Andreia Goncalves, and Jose Cunha-Vaz Barriers to Transscleral Drug Delivery to the Retina Alexandra Almazan, Susan S. Lee, Aron D. Ross, and Michael R. Robinson Ocular Compartment Drug Delivery Drug Delivery to the Vitreous Humor Francine Behar-Cohen Transscleral and Suprachoroidal Drug Delivery Damian E. Berezovsky and Henry F. Edelhauser Protein Drug Delivery to Retina and Choroid Hongwen M. Rivers and Patrick M. Hughes Transscleral Drug Delivery to the Posterior Segment of the Eye Bernard F. Godley, Cheryl L. Rowe-Rendleman, Ed Kraft, and Gabriella Kulp Drug Delivery to the Suprachoroidal Space Sung Won Cho and Timothy W. Olsen Use of Nanoparticles in the Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and Other Degenerative Retinal Diseases Marco A. Zarbin, Carlo Montemagno, James F. Leary, and Robert Ritch Drug Delivery Systems Drug Molecule Characteristics, Drug Delivery Strategies and Their Impact on Ophthalmic Drug Delivery to Anterior versus Posterior Segments Kay D. Rittenhouse Surface Modulation of Nanoparticles Deepak Thassu and Kris Holt Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Retinal Diseases Amin Famili and Uday B. Kompella Gene-Based Medicine for Ocular Diseases Shannon M. Conley and Muna I. Naash Stealth-Type Polymeric Nanoparticles with Encapsulated Betamethasone Phosphate for Treatment of Intraocular Inflammation Tsutomu Sakai, Tsutomu Ishihara, and Megumu Higaki Technology and Materials Development Nanotechnology-Guided Imaging of Retinal Vascular Disease Joshua R. Trantum and Ashwath Jayagopal Photoresponsive Polymers for Ocular Drug Delivery Laura A. Wells and Heather Sheardown Nanosuspensions in Ocular Drug Delivery Systems Himanshu Bhattacharjee and Sonia Bedi


ISBN-13: 9781439848012
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: October, 2012
Pages: 473
Dimensions: 156.00 x 235.00 x 30.00