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Nurse Management Demystified
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Main description:

Clueless? Feel Like a Dummy? Get Demystified!

This new addition to the Demystified series offers practical,easy-to-understand management advice, whether you're a nursing student,nurse, or another type of medical facility administrator facedwith the challenge of managing and motivating a staff.

Back cover:

Find out what it takes to MOVE into MANAGEMENT

Are you looking to take your nursing career to the next level but don't know where to begin? Nurse Management Demystified is the perfect starting point. You'll find it's an effective and enlightening way to find out what it really takes to succeed in this challenging profession.

First, you'll learn about nursing care delivery models, staffing, delegation, and supervision. Next, you'll cover communication and conflict resolution, legal issues, healthcare economics, budgeting, and financial management. Other topics covered include unions, nursing informatics, and time and risk management. Featuring end-of-chapter quizzes, this book will give you a thorough overview of the field of nurse management in no time at all.

This easy-to-follow guide gives you:

  • An inside look at the many responsibilities of a nurse manager
  • Tips for applying the techniques in the book in real-life clinical situations
  • A quiz at the end of each chapter to reinforce learning and pinpoint weaknesses
  • A time-saving approach to performing better on an exam or at work!

Approachable enough for a beginner, but informative enough for a pro, Nurse Management Demystified is your shortcut to finding out all about this demanding yet rewarding healthcare career.



Chapter 1: The Evolving Healthcare Delivery System

Chapter 2: Nursing Leadership and Management

Chapter 3: Nursing Care Delivery Models and Staffing

Chapter 4: Delegation and Supervision

Chapter 5: Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution

Chapter 6: Policy

Chapter 7: Legal Issues

Chapter 8: Healthcare Economics

Chapter 9: Budget Planning and Financial Management

Chapter 10: Unions, Management, and Employee Relations

Chapter 11: Time Management

Chapter 12: Nursing Informatics and Measurement

Chapter 13: Risk Management

Chapter 14: Managing Scarce Resources




ISBN-13: 9780071632218
Publisher: McGraw-Hill (McGraw-Hill Professional)
Publication date: December, 2006
Pages: 252



Irene Mceachen, R.N., Ed.D., was formerly vice president of nursing at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. She is currently a professor of nursing at Saint Peter's College in New Jersey, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate course in nursing administration.

Jim Keogh was formerly on the faculty of Columbia University and is on the faculty of New York University and Saint Peter's College. He is the coauthor of Microbiology Demystified and Pharmacology Demystified as well as several other books.