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New Developments in Autism
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This international collection provides a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge research on autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) by well-known experts in the field, stressing the importance of early diagnosis and a good working relationship between parents and professionals. The contributors cover a wide range of aspects of ASDs, from early assessment techniques, neurodevelopment and brain function to language development, executive function and genetic research. They explore how individuals with ASDs think and give evidence-based guidance on how to handle difficulties with social interaction and language development using appropriate interventions. "New Developments in Autism" will be of great interest to professionals, researchers, therapists, parents and people with ASDs.


Introduction.; 1. The epidemiology of pervasive developmental disorders, Eric Fombonne, Canada.; 2. Early manifestation of autistic disorder during the first two years of life, Juan Martos Perez, Pedro M. Gonzalez, Maria Llorente and Carmen Nieto, Spain.; 3. Early assessment in autism, Catherine Lord, USA.; 4. Implicit learning impairments in autism: Implications for diagnosis and treatment, Laura Klinger, Mark Klinger and Patricia Pohling, USA.; 5. Joint attention and autism: Theory, assessment and neurodevelopment, Peter Mundy and Danielle Thorp, USA.; 6. On being moved in thought and feeling: An approach to autism, Peter Hobson, UK.; 7. Systemising and empathising in autism, Sally Wheelwright, UK.; 8. Executive functions in autism: Theory and practice, Sally Ozonoff, USA.; 9. Relationship between language and development in autistic spectrum disorders, Isabelle Rapin, USA.; 10. Developmental and behavioural profiles of children with autism and Asperger Syndrome, Susan Leekam, UK.; 11. Neuro-anatomical observations of the brain in autism, Margaret Bauman and Thomas L. Kemper, USA.; 12. Cortical circuit abnormalities (minicolumns) in the brains of autistic patients, Manuel F. Casanova, USA.; 13. Genetic research into autistic disorder, Angel Diez Cuervo, Spain.; 14. Parents and professionals. Collaboration! Collaboration? Hilde De Clerk and Theo Peeters, Belgium. References. Subject index. Author index.


ISBN-13: 9781846425578
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication date: September, 2006
Pages: 352
Dimensions: 173.00 x 246.00 x 22.00