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By covering the science, business, and societal impact of nanomedicine, this book makes a strong case for funding of basic research, for effective translation of scientific breakthroughs into clinical care of patients, and for close collaboration among all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. It covers the underlying science and technology of nanomedicine in detail to help understand the great promise of nanomedicine across all disease areas. Although rich and deep in content, the book attempts to introduce the topic of nanomedicine to a wide audience. Scientific jargon is avoided and advanced terms and concepts are explained from the ground up, whenever first introduced. The book defines nanomedicine in a broad sense, including diagnostic devices such as DNA sequencing and molecular imaging, and new therapeutic options based on targeted drug delivery, regenerative medicine, immunotherapeutics, the creation of implanted devices such as continuous glucose monitors and deep brain stimulators, and even the 3D printing of new human organs.
It also covers the returns of investment in global scientific projects, such as the Human Genome Project, and the historic and emerging importance of philanthropic foundations.


Dedication Purpose Table of Contents Introduction What is Nanomedicine? What is Translational Medicine? What is Innovation? What is Intellectual Property? From IP to IPO What is Impact? From Atoms to Proteins Atoms and Molecules Atoms of Life Molecules of Life Proteins Genetics and DNA Sequencing DNA and the Genetic Code From DNA to Proteins and Cells History of Genetics Molecular Basis of Genetics DNA Sequencing and the Human Genome Project Sequencing Technologies Chemical Sequencing Sanger Sequencing, NGS and the $1,000 Genome Challenge Second Generation DNA Sequencing Third Generation DNA Sequencing Fourth Generation DNA Sequencing Sequencing Data Analysis Bioethics Business Aspects of Sequencing Technology and the Human Genome Project Post Human Genome Project: "Omics" Bio-Pharmaceutical R&D Stages of Bio-Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery and Clinical Development Stage 1: Drug Discovery Stage 2: Pre-Clinical Research Stages 3-4: Clinical Trials and FDA Review The Emerging Importance of "Biologics" Biomarkers and Stratified/Personalized Medicine The Past and Future of Bio-Pharmaceutical R&D Semiconductors: Progress through Collaboration Life Sciences Industry: Exclusive IP Deals and Limited Collaboration IMI and AMP Nanomedicine Computers in Nanomedicine Biocompatible Nanoparticles and Targeted Drug Delivery Dendrimers Liposomes Targeted Drug Delivery The Business of Nanotherapeutics Biomedical and Molecular Imaging Nanodiagnostics Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cells, Gene Therapy, Immunotherapy Impact of Nanomedicine The Gut Microbiome Central Nervous System: Brain and Spinal Cord Cancer and Immunology Cardiovascular Disease Diabetes Infectious Disease Tissue and Organ Transplantation The Healthcare Ecosystem AND BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH FUNDING It's all about the Patient/Consumer The Future of Funding for Basic Biomedical and Translational Research Public Health and Global Health Economics Global View of Healthcare Costs, Infant Mortality and Life Expectancy US Health Statistics Conclusions Acknowledgments References


ISBN-13: 9789814613774
Publisher: Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd
Publication date: June, 2015
Pages: 300