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Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Sensing and Biosensing
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Main description:

Nanotechnology brings new possibilities for the development of sensors, biosensors, and novel electrochemical bioassays. Nanoscale materials have been extensively used in a wide variety of configurations - as electrode surfaces to promote electrochemical reaction, as "wires" to enzymes connecting their redox centers to electrode surface, as nanobarcodes for biomolecules, or as tags to amplify the signal of a biorecognition event. Nanomaterial-based electrochemical sensors have been used in many areas, including cancer diagnostics and the detection of infectious organisms. This book reviews important achievements in the field of nanomaterial-based electrochemical sensors and biosensors.


Part 1: Nanomaterial-Based Electrodes Carbon Nanotube-Based Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors, Martin Pumera, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan Electrochemistry on Single Carbon Nanotube, Pat Collier, Caltech, USA Theory of Voltammetry at Nanoparticle-Modified Electrodes, Richard G. Compton, Oxford University, UK Metal Oxide Nanoparticle-Modified Electrodes, Frank Marken, University of Bath, UK Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Electrochemical Bioanalysis, Eugenii Katz, Clarkson University, USA Nanoparticle-Modified Electrodes for Sensing, Jose Pingarron, University Complutense Madrid, Spain Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Gas Sensing, M. Meyyappan, NASA Ames Research Center, USA Carbon Nanotube/Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid Electrodes, Mustafa Musameh, CSIRO, Australia Carbon Nanotube Electrochemical Detectors in Lab-on-a-Chip Devices, Alberto Escarpa, University of Alcala, Spain Part 2: Nanomaterials as Labels Nanomaterials for Eletrochemical Labeling of DNA and Proteins, Yuehe Lin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA; Guodang Liu, North Dakota State University, USA Potenciometric Detection of Bioassays with Quantum Dots Labels, Eric Bakker, Curtin University of Technology, Australia Nanorods for Electrochemical Barcoding, Joseph Wang, Arizona State University, USA


ISBN-13: 9789814364911
Publisher: Pan Stanford Publishing Pte Ltd
Publication date: March, 2013
Pages: 250