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Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Engineering
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Known as the bible of biomedical engineering, The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition, sets the standard against which all other references of this nature are measured. As such, it has served as a major resource for both skilled professionals and novices to biomedical engineering. Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Engineering, the fourth volume of the handbook, presents material from respected scientists with diverse backgrounds in molecular biology, transport phenomena, physiological modeling, tissue engineering, stem cells, drug delivery systems, artificial organs, and personalized medicine. More than three dozen specific topics are examined, including DNA vaccines, biomimetic systems, cardiovascular dynamics, biomaterial scaffolds, cell mechanobiology, synthetic biomaterials, pluripotent stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells, nanobiomaterials for tissue engineering, biomedical imaging of engineered tissues, gene therapy, noninvasive targeted protein and peptide drug delivery, cardiac valve prostheses, blood substitutes, artificial skin, molecular diagnostics in personalized medicine, and bioethics.


MOLECULAR BIOLOGY Historical Perspective and Basics of Molecular Biology; Nathan R. Domagalski and Michael Domach Biomolecular Interactions; Gordon Rule Recent Advances in DNA Separations: Plasmid Purification, Rapid Electrophoresis, and Affinity-Based Recovery; James W. Schneider and Jeffrey M. Savard Systems and Technology Involving Bacteria; Nicole Bleckwenn and William Bentley Expression in Mammalian Cells; Tina Sauerwald and Michael Betenbaugh DNA Vaccines Production and Engineering; Michael M. Domach, Jonathan W. Meade, and Mohammad A. Ataai TRANSPORT PHENOMENA AND BIOMIMETIC SYSTEMS Biomimetic Systems: Concepts, Design, and Emulation; Robert J. Fisher Transport/Reaction Processes in Biology and Medicine; E. N. Lightfoot Microvascular Heat Transfer; James W. Baish Fluid Dynamics for Bio Systems: Fundamentals and Model Analysis; Robert A. Peattie and Robert J. Fisher Animal Surrogate Systems; Michael L. Shuler, Sarina G. Harris, Xinran Li, and Mandy B. Esch Arterial Wall Mass Transport: The Possible Role of Blood Phase Resistance in the Localization of Arterial Disease; John M. Tarbell and Yuchen Qiu Transport Phenomena and the Microenvironment; Robert J. Fisher and Robert A. Peattie Transport and Drug Delivery through the Blood-Brain Barrier and Cerebrospinal Fluid; Bingmei M. Fu Interstitial Transport in the Brain: Principles for Local Drug Delivery; W. Mark Saltzman Surfactant Transport and Fluid-Structure Interactions during Pulmonary Airway Reopening; David Martin, Anne-Marie Jacob, and Donald P. Gaver III PHYSIOLOGICAL MODELING, SIMULATION, AND CONTROL Modeling Strategies and Cardiovascular Dynamics; Joseph L. Palladino, Gary M. Drzewiecki, and Abraham Noordergraaf Compartmental Models of Physiological Systems; Claudio Cobelli, Giovanni Sparacino, Maria Pia Saccomani, Gianna Maria Toffolo, and Andrea Caumo Cardiovascular Models and Control; Madhusudan Natarajan, Fernando Casas, and W.D. Timmons Respiratory Models and Control; Chi-Sang Poon Biomimetic Approaches to Physiological Control; James J. Abbas and Amit Abraham Methods and Tools for Identification of Physiologic Systems; Vasilis Z. Marmarelis Modeling Vascular Vibrations: Autoregulation and Vascular Sounds; Gary M. Drzewiecki, John K.-J. Li, and Abraham Noordergraaf External Control of Movements; Dejan B. Popovic' and Mirjana B. Popovic The Fast Eye Movement Control System; John Denis Enderle A Comparative Approach to Analysis and Modeling of Cardiovascular Function; John K.-J. Li, Ying Zhu, and Abraham Noordergraaf A Biomedical and Biophysical Approach to the Science in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; Gerrit J. Noordergraaf, Igor W. F. Paulussen, Alyssa Venema, Gert Jan Scheffer, and Abraham Noordergraaf Kinematic Modeling of Left Ventricular Diastolic Function; Leonid Shmuylovich, Charles S. Chung, and Sandor J. Kovacs STEM CELL ENGINEERING: AN INTRODUCTION Engineering the Pluripotent Stem Cell Niche for Directed Mesoderm Differentiation; Celine L. Bauwens, Kelly A. Purpura, and Peter W. Zandstra Cell Mechanobiology in Regenerative Medicine: Lessons from Cancer; Badriprasad Ananthanarayanan and Sanjay Kumar Systems-Engineering Principles in Signal Transduction and Cell-Fate Choice; Karin J. Jensen, Anjun K. Bose, and Kevin A. Janes Biomaterial Scaffolds for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Culture and Differentiation; Stephanie Willerth and David Schaffer Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine in the Nervous System; Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine for Treating Damaged Myocardium; Rohini Gupta, Kunal Mehtani, Kimberly R. Kam, and Kevin E. Healy Stem Cells and Hematopoiesis; Krista M. Fridley and Krishnendu Roy Synthetic Biomaterials and Stem Cells for Connective Tissue Engineering; Ameya Phadke and Shyni Varghese Derivation and Expansion of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells; Sean P. Palecek Bioreactors for Stem Cell Expansion and Differentiation; Carlos A. V. Rodrigues, Tiago G. Fernandes, Maria Margarida Diogo, Claudia Lobato da Silva, and Joaquim M. S. Cabral TISSUE ENGINEERING Strategic Directions; Peter C. Johnson Silks; Monica A. Serban and David L. Kaplan Calcium Phosphates; Kemal Sariibrahimoglu, Joop G.C. Wolke, Sander C.G. Leeuwenburgh, and John A. Jansen Engineered Protein Biomaterials; Andreina Parisi-Amon and Sarah C. Heilshorn Synthetic Biomaterials; Joshua S. Katz and Jason A. Burdick Growth Factors and Morphogens: Signals for Tissue Engineering; A. Hari Reddi Signal Expression in Engineered Tissues; Martha O. Wang and John P. Fisher Pluripotent Stem Cells; Todd C. McDevitt and Melissa A. Kinney Hematopoietic Stem Cells; Ian M. Kaplan, Sebastien Morisot, and Curt I. Civin Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Pamela C. Yelick and Weibo Zhang Nanobiomaterials for Tissue Engineering; Pramod K. Avti, Sunny C. Patel, Pushpinder Uppal, Grace O'Malley, Joseph Garlow, and Balaji Sitharaman Biomimetic Approaches in Tissue Engineering; Indong Jun, Min Sup Kim, Ji-Hye Lee, Young Min Shin, and Heungsoo Shin Molecular Biology Techniques; X.G. Chen, Y.L. Fang, and W.T. Godbey Biomaterial Mechanics; Kimberly M. Stroka, Leann L. Norman, and Helim Aranda-Espinoza Mechanical Conditioning; Elaine L. Lee and Horst A. von Recum Micropatterned Biomaterials for Cell and Tissue Engineering; Murugan Ramalingam and Ali Khademhosseini Drug Delivery; Prinda Wanakule and Krishnendu Roy Gene Therapy; C. Holladay, M. Kulkarni, W. Minor, and Abhay Pandit Nanotechnology-Based Cell Engineering Strategies for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Applications; Joaquim Miguel Oliveira, Joao Filipe Mano, and Rui Luis Reis Cell Encapsulation; Stephanie J. Bryant Coculture Systems for Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Song P. Seto and Johnna S. Temenoff Tissue Engineering Bioreactors; Sarindr Bhumiratana, Elisa Cimetta, Nina Tandon, Warren Grayson, Milica Radisic, and Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic Shear Forces; Jose F. Alvarez-Barreto, Samuel B. VanGordon, Brandon W. Engebretson, and Vasillios I. Sikavitsas Vascularization of Engineered Tissues; Monica L. Moya and Eric M. Brey Biomedical Imaging of Engineered Tissues; Nicholas E. Simpson and Athanassios Sambanis Multiscale Modeling of In Vitro Tissue Cultivation; Kyriacos Zygourakis Bone Engineering; Lucas A. Kinard, Antonios G. Mikos, and F. Kurtis Kasper Dental and Craniofacial Bioengineering; Hemin Nie and Jeremy J. Mao Tendon and Ligament Engineering; Nicholas Sears, Tyler Touchet, Hugh Benhardt, and Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez Cartilage Tissue Engineering; Emily E. Coates and John P. Fisher TMJ Engineering; Michael S. Detamore Interface Tissue Engineering; Helen H. Lu, Nora Khanarian, Kristen Moffat, and Siddarth Subramony The Bioengineering of Dental Tissues; Rena N. D'Souza, Katherine R. Regan, Kerstin M. Galler, and Songtao Shi Tissue Engineering of the Urogenital System; In Kap Ko, Anthony Atala, and James J. Yoo Vascular Tissue Engineering; Laura J. Suggs Neural Engineering; Yen-Chih Lin and Kacey G. Marra Tumor Engineering: Applications for Cancer Biology and Drug Development; Joseph A. Ludwig and Emily Burdett ARTIFICIAL ORGANS Artificial Heart and Circulatory Assist Devices; Gerson Rosenberg Cardiac Valve Prostheses; Arjunon, Neelakantan Saikrishnan, and Ajit P. Yoganathan Artificial Lungs; Keith E. Cook, Timothy M. Maul, and William J. Federspiel Blood Substitutes; Amy G. Tsai, Pedro Cabrales, and Marcos Intaglietta Liver Support Systems; Matthew S. Chang and Robert S. Brown Peritoneal Dialysis Equipment; Carlo Crepaldi, Francesca Katiana Martino, Maria Pia Rodighiero, and Claudio Ronco Artificial Skin and Dermal Equivalents; Dennis P. Orgill, Raul Cortes, and Ioannis V. Yannas DRUG DESIGN, DELIVERY SYSTEMS, AND DEVICES Physiological Barriers to Drug Transport; Fan Yuan Nucleic Acid Aptamers in Drug Delivery; Mark R. Battig, Jing Zhou, and Yong Wang Dendrimers for Drug Delivery; Giridhar Thiagarajan and Hamidreza Ghandehari Noninvasive Targeted Protein and Peptide Drug Delivery; Pradeep K. Karla, Durga K. Paturi, Nanda K. Mandava, Animikh Ray, Sulabh Patel, Ranjana Mitra, and Ashim K. Mitra Environment-Responsive Hydrogels for Drug Delivery; Byung Kook Lee, Jong-Ryoul Kim, Kinam Park, and Yong Woo Cho Biodegradable PLGA Scaffolds for Growth Factor Delivery; Yusef Khan and Cato Laurencin PERSONALIZED MEDICINE Physiogenomic Contours: The Application of Systems Biology for Engineering Personalized Health Care; Andreas Windemuth, Richard L. Seip, and Gualberto Ruano The Evolution of Massively Parallel Sequencing Technologies: Facilitating Advances in Personalized Medicine; Ian Toma, Georges St. Laurent, III, Samuel Darko, and Timothy A. McCaffrey Computational Methods and Molecular Diagnostics in Personalized Medicine; Roland Valdes, Jr. and Mark W. Linder Need for Point-of-Care Testing Devices for Cardiac Troponin in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes; Alan H.B. Wu and Amy E. Herr ETHICS An Introduction to Bioethics and Ethical Theory for Biomedical Engineers; D. John Doyle


ISBN-13: 9781439825310
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: April, 2015
Pages: 1886