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Military Mental Health Care
A Guide for Service Members, Veterans, Families, and Community
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Main description:

Too often American veterans return from combat and spiral into depression, anger and loneliness they can neither share nor tackle on their own. Military Mental Health Care: A Guide for Service Members, Veterans, Families, and Community seeks to aid our troubled, returning forces by dissecting the numerous mental health problems they face upon arriving stateside. Don Philpott and Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott, co-authors with Janelle Hill of the highly successful Wounded Warrior Handbook, detail not only each issue's symptoms, but also discuss what treatments are available, and the best ways for veterans to access those treatments while readjusting to civilian life. In addition, they connect and explain many alarming trends, such as joblessness, poverty and addiction, appearing in our nation's veteran population on a broader scale. PTSD and struggles with anxiety affect far more than veterans themselves, as sobering phenomena like homelessness, suicide, domestic violence and divorce too often become realities for those returning from war.
Military Mental Health Care is both a resource for struggling veterans and a useful tool for their loved ones, or anyone looking for ways to support the veterans in their lives.


Foreword Introduction 1. Traumatic Brain Injury 2. Stress 3. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder 4. Depression 5. Anger 6. Anxiety 7. Grief 8. Stigma 9. Alcohol/Drugs 10. Sleep Disturbance 11. Sexual Trauma and Hazing 12. Suicide 13. Families 14. Homelessness and Mental Health 15. Resilience 16. Health and Wellness References and Resource Guide Glossary Index About the Authors


ISBN-13: 9781442220942
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication date: July, 2015
Pages: 232
Dimensions: 152.00 x 226.00 x 17.00