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Meyler's Side Effects of Cardiovascular Drugs
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Main description:

Elsevier now offers a series of derivative works based on the acclaimed "Meyler's Side Effect of Drugs, 15th Edition". These individual volumes are grouped by specialty to benefit the practicing biomedical researcher and/or clinician. Each year, heart disease kills more Americans than cancer. In the clinical setting, patients are treated by a variety of specialists and primary care practitioners, depending on the organ system involved. This volume will enable practitioners to prescribe preventative treatments with medications such as blood pressure reducers, aspirin, and cholesterol-lowering drugs, as well as drugs used for more aggressive therapy. It surpasses the "Physician's Desk Reference" (copyright) by including clinical case studies and independent expert analysis and includes complete index of drug names. It offers most complete cross referencing of drug-drug interactions available and includes extensive references to primary and secondary literature. It also includes information on adverse effects in pregnancy.
The book is divided into six sections: Drugs used to treat hypertension, heart failure and angina pectoris; Diuretics - a general introduction to their adverse effects, followed by monographs on individual drugs; Antidysrhythmic drugs - a general introduction to their adverse effects, followed by monographs on individual drugs; Drugs that act on the cerebral and peripheral circulations; Anticoagulants, thrombolytic agents, and anti-platelet drugs; and, Cardiovascular adverse effects of non-cardiovascular drugs.


ISBN-13: 9780080932897
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science Ltd)
Publication date: February, 2009
Pages: 840
Dimensions: 210.00 x 280.00 x 53.00

Subcategories: Cardiovascular Medicine, Pharmacology