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Medicine Sciences and Bioengineering
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Medicine Sciences and Bioengineering (ICMSB 2014), Kunming, Yunnan, China, August 16-17, 2014
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Main description:

This proceedings volume contains selected papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Medicine Sciences and Bioengineering (ICMSB 2014), held August 16-17, 2014 in Kunming, Yunnan, China. ICMSB2014 was aimed at researchers, engineers, industrial professionals and academics, who were broadly welcomed to present their latest research results, academic developments or theoretical practice. Topics covered in this volume include, but are not limited to, Medicine, Medical Science, Bioinformatics, and Biomedical Engineering. ICMSB2014 aims to serve not merely as a platform for academic communication, but also as an opportunity for international business cooperation and mutual benefit.


MEDICINE Numerical simulation of performance for axial flow maglev blood pump Z.-Q. Wang, H.-C. Wu, P. Chen, Z.-Y. Zhang & Y.-W. Ren Design and analysis of maglev-hydrodynamic supporting for centrifugal blood pumps H.-C. Wu, P. Chen, Z.-Y. Zhang & Y.-W. Ren Anti-cancer research on Melodinus sp. (Apocynaceae Juss.) Y. Lu, T. Bradshaw, B. Hazra, S.P. Voravuthikunchai, T. Srichan, M. Qazzaz, S. Debnath, T.J. Khoo & C. Wiart Behavioral research on elderly sports fitness activities Y.-Q. He Research and development of multilayer array modulation collimator for precise radiotherapy L. Lin & H.-L. Zhang The estimations for the multifactorial interaction between factors and confidence intervals X.-D. Wang & J. Tian The protection of amyloid precursor protein 17 peptide on diabetic encephalopathy D. Zhang & H. Meng The effect of different concentrations of rocuronium bromide used for anesthesia induction on introperative recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring of the patients with thyroid operation P. Chen, Y.-H. Pan & F. Liang Application and prospect of process control in the modern production of Chinese materia medical M.-S. Miao, L. Guo, S. Tian, P.-F. Li & L.-L. Jiang The wireless control system for high frequency portable X-ray machine based on MCU X. Tan, Q.-C. Liu & B.-F. Xu Bisimulation-based consistency checking on syndrome Tan-Yu-Bi-Zu in rheumatoid arthritis between textbook and clinical practice G. Zheng, L.-R. Wang, H.-H. Shi, R. Li, M. Jiang & A.-P. Lu Farrerol improves the blood pressure, plasma biochemical indices and aortic media thickness in spontaneously hypertensive rats X.-J. Qin, X.-M. Hou, T.-G. Liang & Q.-S. Li Application of neck elastic tourniquet in thyroid surgery Y.-M. Li, W.-J. Sun & S. Yan To explore the famous TCM doctor Wang Xing-Kuan's rule of prescriptions for coronary heart disease on the basis of association rule H.-W. Gong, Y. Wen, J.-Y. Li, H.-Y. Qu, X. Du, L. Jiang, J.-F. Yan & J.-R. Fan Apprehending big data of TCM from the perspective of the complexity of the symptoms H.-W. Gong, J.-H. Lu, H. Chen, Y. Wen, W.-C. Liu, X. You & J.-F. Yan A method to measure the trans-lamina cribrosa pressure difference in rabbits F. Zhao, C. Wang, Z. Wei, Z.-H. Liu, B.-Q. Xu, D.-Y. Yang, K.-G. Liu, N.-L. Wang & Y.-B. Fan miRNA s and targets that underlie glomerular development X. Wu, Y.-F. Ding, J.-Y. Zhao, G. Guo, Y.-Q. Li, T.-B. Li, J.-L. Wang & S.-Y. Cui Performance research of a single cell as a microreactor by microchip electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence C.-T. Liang, Y. Sun, Y.-Q. Rong, S.-M. Wang & S.-W. Liang Linear correlation analysis method of normality test for medical statistical data M. Lei & J. Zuo A comparative study on the application of three-dimensional ultrasound to breast intraductal lesion S.-N. Liu, G. Sun & Y.-X. Liu Roles of different ionic currents in the automaticity of central and peripheral sinoatrial node H. Zhang, X. Zheng, W. Zhao, D. Zhao & X. Huang Effect of using six sigma in improving service efficiency in endoscopy departments H.-L. Ku & C.-L. Lee Research progress in induced liver cancer model of rats D.-F. Cao, Y. Sun, L. Wang, D.-K. Wang, Q. Wu, Y. Li, G.-Q. Huang, J.-H. Zhao, W.-Y. Hou & Y. Jiang The study of gray matter lesions in multiple sclerosis via proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy J. Ma & Z.-H. Wang The optimization of scan parameters on head and neck in children by somatom definition flash J. Ma, J. Ma, Y. Wang, X.-M. Mu & F.-L. Kong Development of thoracic impedance detection system based on embedded X.-Y. Yan, T. Chen, S.-M. Gao & Y.-L. Song Altered functional connectivity of the entorhinal cortex in mild cognitive impairment Y.-Q. Zhang, Y. Liu, C.-S. Yu & T.-Z. Jiang Sedative and hypnotic effects of Schisandra polysaccharides C.-M. Wang, W.-J. Sun, H. Li, J.-H. Sun, H. Jia, J.-G. Chen & X.-T. Fan Three polymorphisms in programmed cell death 1 ligand (PD-L1) gene are not associated with aplastic anemia (AA) in Chinese Han populations Z.-J. Ming, Y.-G. Jiang, M. Miao, W.-P. Wang, Y. Zhang, X.-G. Zhang & Y.-H. Qiu Quantitative relationship between mental fatigue and sustained attention: A CPT study Y.-X. Lv, Y. Xiao & Q.-X. Zhou Standardized development of the thyroid operation anesthesia under neuromuscular electric monitoring P. Chen, Y.-H. Pan, J. Zhao & Y.-D. Han The effect of different concentrations of vecuronium bromide used for anesthesia induction on intraoperative recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring of the patients with thyroid operation P. Chen, Y.-H. Pan & F. Liang Study on the determination of anticancer drug nedaplatin in a spectrophotometer J. Peng, J. He, Q.-K. Wang & S.-P. Pu Species and plant morphology, biological characteristics of Banlangen (Radix isatidis) in China G. Chen, S.-P. Wang, X. Huang, J. Hong, M.-H. Ge, L.-H. Zhang & L. Du Expression changes of Hes1 of PC12 cells after OGD J.-T. He, L. Yan, J.-Q. Wang, Y. Cui, Z.-S. Li, J. Mang, Y.-K. Shao & Z.-X. Xu Cell immunophenotypic assays more accurately diagnose and classify the different subtypes of acute leukemia Q. Chi, Y.-Z. Lun & Z.-G. Yu Conditioned medium mediated immune protection in In Vitro model of endogenous neurotoxin N-methyl-salsolinol in an astrocyte dependent manner F.-L. Wang, X.-H. Wang, F. Zeng, H. Qing & Y.-L. Deng Analyzing couplet medicines in Ma Xiang's treatment of chronic gastritis: Chinese prescription based on association rules W.-X. Zhang, H.-H. Zhang, X.-S. Liang, L. Bian, Z.-Z. Li & Y.-F. Gu Comprehensive rehabilitation treatment and nursing after a surgical repair of hand tendon injuries J.-H. Wang & Z.-Y. Guo An evaluation of the safety and time-saving by the fully automatic ampoule opening device J.-H. Wang, X.-L. Li, L. Zhong & C.-P. Song Zeta potential of different size of urinary crystallites in lithogenc patients and healthy subjects Y.-B. Li, X.-L. Wen & J.-M. Ouyang Individualized nursing intervention in patients with chronic hepatitis C antiviral treatment adherence X.-L. Cheng, Y.-C. Cao, C.-J. Liu & Y.-F. Sun Unexpected difficult intubation inspired by asymptomatic lingual thyroid Y.-D. Han, K. Li & P. Chen Development and validation of bioactive components of Xiao xianggou (Ficus) H.-Q. Lv, X.-Z. Chen, Z.-J. Xie & C.-P. Wen Active constituents' determination in Schisandra chinensis by HPLC and evaluation of the uncertainty J.Y.-X. Qin, X. Ye, C. Yan & D.-S. Gao Reconstruction of central aortic pressure using continuous peripheral arterial blood pressure at two separate sites on lower arms C. Ma, J. Liu, P.-D. Zhang & X.-P. Yang Experimental study on reduction of Ass by berberine in serum and brain of diabetic rats Y. Zhou, Y. Tan, L. Li, D.-X. Wang & Y. Zhao Metabonomic characterization of aging rats by means of RRLC-Q-TOF-MS-based techniques J.-H. Sun, C.-M. Wang, H. Jia, H.-X. Sun, C.-Y. Zhang, J.-G. Chen & H. Li Precision analysis of the nintendo balance board for assessment of wheelchair stability X.-Z. Jiang, L.-L. Yang & C. Zhang Blood lipid components in functional tradeoffs and risk of coronary heart disease due to type 2 diabetes mellitus Q. Guo, R. Gong, G.-H. Xia, L.-M. Tian, S.-H. Zhou, L.-Y. Zhang & H.-Q. Niu Application of problem-based learning in the clinical practice teaching of neurology W. Sun & J.-L. Liu Neuroprotective effects of Breviscapine against oxidative-stress-induced cell death in PC12 cells: involvement of Nrf2/HO-1 pathway G.-L. Jin, H.-L. Qin, H.-B. He, F. Cheng, D.-C. Gong, B. Xu, L.-L. Jia, W. Xi, H.-W. Wang & X.-F. Xing Oxidative stress injury caused by 1800-MHz electromagnetic radiation H. Liu, M.-L. Wang, R.-G. Zhong, X.-M. Ma, Q.-L. Liu, Y. Li, F. Xie & Q.-X. Hou Clinical analysis of Baoxinbao film for elderly patients with unstable angina pectoris L.-J. Guo A preliminary study of high pressure CO2 on the crystal transformation of heat-sensitive drugs D.-D. Hu, S.-Z. Zhang, Q. Wang, H. Zhang & W.-Q. Wang Effect of external use of fresh aloe juice on the scald model of rats M.-S. Miao & L. Guo A detection method of lung cancer-characteristic expired gases based on a cross-responsive sensor array J.-C. Lei, C.-J. Hou, D.-Q. Huo, X.-G. Luo, M. Yang, Y.-J. Li & M.-Z. Bao Detection of follicle stimulating hormone expressed in cho cell R.-M. Hua, L. Jiang & B. Zeng The protective potential of fasudil hydrochloride in liver injury induced by intestinal ischemia reperfusion in rats X. Hu, X.-F. Tian, Z. Fan, L. Chu, Y. Li, L. Lv, D.-Y. Gao & J.-H. Yao Simulation and prediction of the material foundation of Rhubarb based on molecular docking Y.-Y. Rong, L. Lu, Y.-X. Tian, J.-X. Lin, Q.-X. Guan, S.-W. Liang, L. Zhao & S.-M. Wang Analysis of effect of pueraria lobata flavone in the cerebral ischemia-reperfusion rats using 1H-NMR-based metabonomics C.-W. Wu, Q.-X. Guan, S.-M. Wang, F. Yang, L. Zhao, L. Lu & Y.-Y. Rong Solid-phase synthesis of octapeptide GHGKHKNK X. Han, M.-C. Zhang, S. Jiang, L.-P. An, G.-Y. Xv, G.-H. Wang & P.-G. Du The anti-inflammatory activity of a natural occurring coumarin: Murracarpin W.-M. Shi, H.-Q. Liu, L.-F. Li & L.-H. Wu Complete structural assignment of a new natural product from the roots of Raphanus Sativus L. F. Wang, H. Chen, Y.-B. Wang & S.-M. Wang Pharmacokinetic analysis of five rhubarb aglycones in rat plasma after oral administration and the influence of borneol on their pharmacokinetics F. Wang, Q.-X. Guan, L. Lu, L. Zhao, X.-S. Guo, S.-W. Liang & S.-M. Wang BIOINFORMATICS AND BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Study actuality of immune optimization algorithm Y. Miao, H.-M. Yang, W.-L. Shi, L.-Y. Zhang & Y.-N. Cao Zinc oxide nanorod biosensor for detection of alpha feto protein in blood serum A. Manoharan & S.S. Ang Region-of-interest tomography with noisy projection data R. Ye & Y. Tang Gene biclustering based on independent component analysis and non-negative matrix Factorization L.-Q. Zhao, S.-J. Wan, Z.-G. Zhang, H. Jiang, X.-R. Jia & Y.-H. Zhou A recognition method based on the curvature feature for identifying dental anatomical reference points from 3D digital models A. Lv, B.-W. He, J. Yao & D. Tong Bioinformatics analyses for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis secreted proteins prediction L. Wang, Z. Jin & Z. Sun Analyzing method of exercise intensity based on wavelet frequency band energy quotient X.-F. Cheng, H. Yang & W. Jiang Neuroprotective effects against ischemia injury derived from Smad7-modulated ActA/Smads pathway activation Y.-K. Shao, Z.-H. Xu, Y.-M. Wang, Y.-T. Wang, J.-Q. Wang, C.-L. Mei, J. Mang & J.-T. He Structure of clustering based on inquiry of TCM data storage management system in wireless sensor network J.-Q. Liang & J.-C. He A simple enzyme glucose biosensor based on Ag doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles Y.-Y. Li, J. Han, P. Wang, K. Li & Y.-H. Dong Design and implementation of a cursor control system based on steady-state visual evoked potential X. Zou, Q.-G. Wei & Z.-W. Lu Design of a tonometer pressing force measuring device J.-H. Zhao, Y.-J. Wang, J. Zhang & J.-G. Ma From "unusual sequences" to human diseases F.-J. Huang & Z.-Z. Wu Modeling of virtual spine based on multi-body dynamics F. Pan, Z. Gao, C. Ding, J.-Z. Wang & J.-H. Wang Image registration based on weighted residual complexity using local entropy J. Zhang, M.-H. Zhang, W. Yang & Z.-T. Lu Preparation of modified TiO2 nanorods and research of light photocatalytic activity M.-J. Li, X.-Y. Cui, Y.-K. Yin, S.-Z. Rong, X.-D. Jin, Q.-H. Wu & Y.-H. Hao Gradient projection method on electrical impedance tomography D.-Y. Jiang, H. Xu, Z. Zhou & N. Li Multidimensional multigranularity data mining for health-care service management J. K. Chiang & C.-C. Chu Packed fiber solid-phase extraction of monoamine neurotransmitters in human plasma using composite nanofibers composed of polyvinyl pyrrolidone and polystyrene as sorbent prior to HPLC-fluorescence detection X.-X. Wu, K.-W. Shen, J.-J. Deng, Y. Wang, L. Ma & X.-J. Kang Exploring the treatment laws of sinomenium acutum through text mining N. Ge, G. Zheng, A.-R. Qi, D. Yang, S.-D. Yang, W.-J. Wang & S.-M. Li Biomechanical research on treatment of fracture of femoral shaft X.-Y. Wang & J.-H. Zhou Locating robot capsule looped by magnet ring W.-A. Yang, Y. Li, C. Hu & F.-Q. Qin Establishment of an innovative personnel training platform by virtue of the laboratory built by central and local government together H. Li, W.-J. Sun, C.-M. Wang, J.-H. Sun, H. Jia, H.-X. Sun, C.-Y. Zhang, X.-T. Fan & J.-G. Chen Extraction, isolation, purification and structure of a new polysaccharide from Hypomesus olidus X.-Y. Guan & X.-J. Liu Practice and reflection in the diagnostic bilingual teaching X.-X. Du, W.-J. Sun & C.-M. Wang Exploration of pharmacy graduation design quality assurance system J.-H. Sun, G.-H. Wang & G.-Y. Xu Practice and reflection on the integration and optimization of general surgery teaching course system S. Jing, W.-J. Sun & W.-H. Jiang Antibacterial property of silver nanoparticles with block copolymer shells X.-L. Li, B.-G. Dai, H.-X. Zhang, R. Wang, S.-L. Yuan & X. Li Effect of chiral N-isobutyryl-cysteine on PC12 cells response J. Mang, J.-Q. Wang, H.-Y. Lui, J.-T. He, Y.-K. Shao & Z.-X. Xu Induction of programmed cell death through mitochondria-dependent pathways in Tamba black soybean (Glycine max) J.-J. Li, L. Zhang, J.-J. Zhang, P. Wang, L.-M. Chen & H.-J. Nian Considering geometric transformations in noninvasive ultrasonic measurement of arterial elasticity L.-L. Niu, M. Qian, L. Meng, Y. Xiao, X.-W. Huang & H.-R. Zheng The improved mosaic algorithm for spine medical image based on the SUFR H.-M. Liu, J.-H. Zhang & J.-H. Gong Interaction of IVIG and camptothecin Y.-C. Liu, X.-X. Wei, X.-Y. Xu, X.-J. Yao, R.-X. Lei, X.-D. Zheng & J.-N. Liu Reduction of dopamine increases methylglyoxal-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in SH-SY5Y cells B.-J. Xie, F.-K. Lin, K. Ullah, L. Peng, H. Qing & Y.-L. Deng A sensitive determination of 1-acetyl-6,7-dihydroxyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline (ADTIQ) in rat substantia nigra by multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) B.-J. Xie, H.-Y. Wu, K. Ullah, L. Peng, H. Qing & Y.-L. Deng Effect of unitary, binary and ternary carboxylates on crystal phase selection in the process of calcium oxalate crystallization Y.-B. Li, Q.-Z. Gan & J.-M. Ouyang On-chip microbubble destruction by surface acoustic waves L. Meng, F.-Y. Cai, F. Li, L.-L. Niu & H.-R. Zheng Assessing cerebral auto-regulation using least angle regression X.-C. Wu, J. Liu, P.-D. Zhang & X.-P. Yang Importance of bioinformatics in modernization of traditional Chinese medicine Y. Bai, Z.-Y. Xin, G.-H. Cui, C.-H. Sui, W.-L. Li, S.-F. Dong, L.-Q. Han, W.-X. Zhao & G.-Y. Xu Application of case-based learning model in the clinical practice of orthopedic graduates W.-H. Jiang & W. Sun The effect of 1800 MHz electromagnetic radiation on telomerase expression in NIH/3T3 cells Y. Li, M.-L. Wang, Q.-L. Liu, Q.-X. Hou & H. Liu A reliable method for cloud data storage security F. Yang & Y.-T. Rao Thinking on strengthening university library health information service model innovation in the age of big data J.-Y. Lu, J.-Z. Zhou, H.-L. Ruan & G.-C. Luo Application of synthetic index method in the evaluation of rational drug use in primary health institutions S. Wang & G. Gao Study on near infrared spectroscopy to detect cerebral blood oxygen parameter in computing task C.-J. Guo Differences in medical education teaching between China and Japan S. Jing, W.-J. Sun, J.-G. Chen & H. Li Improvement of medical students' cultivation in international exchange X.-D. Qiu, W.-J. Sun, W.-Y. Zhao, X.-X. Du & S.-W. Zhao Optimization for fundus molecular imaging Y.-H. Liu, P. Zhang, D.-M. Xie, T.-C. Wang & Z.-X. Xie BDNF of the hippocampal CA3 relates to the spatial memory in rats exposed to music Y.-S. Xing, Y. Xia & D.-Z. Yao ECOLOGY, ENVIRONMENT AND CHEMISTRY Differential microbial community complexity levels between different locations in the GuJingGong pits K.-Q. Li, H.-M. Zhang, A.-J. Li, H.-K. He, Q.-W. Zhou & Z.-Z. Zhang Effect of ultrasonic pretreatment on the oil removal of ASP flooding produced water F.-J. Xia Antibiotics-resistant profiles of airborne enterococcus faecalis in an enclosed-type Chicken shed Z.-M. Miao, S. Li, Y.-J. Tang & R.-M. Wang GC-MS fingerprint of Acanthopanax brachypus in China H.-B. Hu, X.-D. Zheng, H.-S. Hu & Y. Wu Research and practice of diversified pharmaceutical talent training model H.-Q. Wang & P.-G. Du Antioxidant study of the polysaccharides from Cordyceps militaris, natural quercetin and N-acetylneuraminic acid S.-D. Guo Stability and antimicrobial activity of microencapsulated clove oil Q.-L. Xu, Y.-G. Xing, D. Cao, D.-F. Zhang, Z.-M. Che, W.-F. Han, Y. Meng, H.-B. Lin & L. Jiang Research on the test of gas emission control method of vehicular pyrolysis furnace for medical waste L.-H. Wu, J.-S. Han & Z. Wang Study for problems and solutions of the paperless electronic prescription A.-N. Li & S.-L. Hu Detection of genetically modified herbicide tolerant soybeans using multiplex-nested PCR Y.-W. Qiu, M.-H. Zhang, Y. Liu, Z. Zhen, A.-X. Wang, X.-J. Gao & Y.-B. Yu Research on the effect of attracting insects about the composite LED lamppost W.-B. Qiu & S.-Y. Lin Changes of functional connectivity patterns of V1 with eyes open and closed J.-J. Wang & T.-Z. Jiang Production of L-lactic acid by Escherichia coli JH12 using rice straw hydrolysate as carbon source Y. Liu, X. Zhao, J.-J. Gu, J.-H. Wang, S.-D. Zhou & W. Gao Study on the multiple wavelength HPLC integration fingerprint of active fractions from a purified sample of Naodesheng B. Liu, Z.-C. Li, C. Chen, S.-M. Wang & S.-W. Liang Kinetics study of glutathione peroxidase 4 mutant using H2O2 as oxidizing substrate X. Guo, Z.-L. Fan, Y. Yu, Y.-L. Zhang, S. Wang, C. Ma, J.-Y. Wei, J. Song, R.-Q. Xing, D.-L. Liu & H.-W. Song Study on the job satisfaction of public health staff W.-J. Zhong, W.-D. Yang & B. Li Study on extracts constituents of nux prinsepiae uniflorae Y. Wu, X.-D. Zheng, H.-B. Hu & J.-Y. Zhao Optimization of fermentation conditions for bacteriocin production by Lactobacillus plantarum L.-X. Jie, H. Liu, T. Han, H.-X. Zhang & Y.-H. Xie Study on characteristic of apple pectins of pH-modification and heat-modification J. Dou, Y.-R. Guo, J. Li, L. Liu & H. Deng Study on kinetics of sludge reduction in domestic wastewater with nitrogen removal filler L.-H. Gao, J.-M. Liu, H.-Z. Wang, J.-J. Wang, L. Shi & Y.-L. Shen Effect of steam blanching on drying characteristics of Jin Yin Hua, the flower bud of Lonicera japonica thunb. Z.-H. Liu, X.-S. Wen, G.-D. Wei & Y.-Q. Zhang Optimization of oligonucleotide pools amplification for SELEX C.-X. Zhang, X.-F. Lv, X.-H. Wang, H. Qing & Y.-L. Deng Antioxidant responses of two in vitro shoots of snow lotus (Saussurea involucrata Kar.et Kir.) to salt stress Y. Ou, L. Zhao, J. Sun, X.-C. Zhao & J. Ye Research progress on chemical compositions of Hymenocallis littoralis Y.-B. Ji, Y.-B. Liang, N. Chen, D. Zhao, D.-X. Song, C.-R. Xu & X.-M. Cao A study on the influence of living habits on indoor air quality W.-H. Wang, J. Xu & J.-S. Liang Separation of polysaccharide from wolfberry fruit and determination by infrared spectroscopy based on nonlinear modeling H. Zhang, Z.-T. Xu & H.-S. Zhao Transformation of trichothecene acetyldeoxynivalenol to deoxynivalenol by bacterial acetyltransferase W. Wang, S.S.M. Soliman, X.-Z. Li, H.-H. Zhu, L. Yang, Y.-L. Yin & T. Zhou Binuclear lanthanide complexes derived from aroylhydrazines with 8-hydroxyquinoline-2-carboxyaldehyde and a series of DNA intercalators R.-X. Lei, D.-P. Ma, X.-W. Zhang, Y.-C. Liu, X.-D. Zheng, J.-N. Liu & Z.-Y. Yang Analysis of two pairs of grape early-ripening bud sports varieties based on iPBS markers D.-L. Guo & X.-Y. Zhang Antimicrobial characters of bacteriocin produced by Streptococcus lactis S5-3 J.-C. Zhang, H. Liu, Y.-H. Xie & H-X. Zhang Quality characteristics of WCA and PCA during cold storage Y.-Y. Li, Y.-R. Guo, G. Bai, J. Dou & H. Deng Ionic liquids improve the biotransformation of isoeugenol to vanillin by Bacillus fusiformis CGMCC1347 L.-Q. Zhao, R.-X. Chen, Y.-L. Chen, J.-M. Fang, W.-B. Chen & J.-F. Wang New method for producing diosgenin X. Li, L.-P. Wang, C.-L. Shi & B. Zhang Sulfate-reducing bacteria anaerobic metabolism carbon source test of Huainan coal C. Qi, X.-G. Ge, S. Liu, G.-X. Zhao, L. Yang & Y.-K. Ye Optimization of PCR-SSCP analysis conditions on the analysis of microbial communities of the strong-flavor Chinese liquor fermentation X.-X. Chen & L. Yuan


ISBN-13: 9781315734514
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press)
Publication date: May, 2015
Pages: 500