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Managing Hot Flushes with Group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
An Evidence Based Treatment Manual for Health Professionals
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Main description:

Following the success of Managing Hot Flushes and Night Sweats which outlines a self-help, CBT-based programme for dealing with menopausal symptoms, Myra Hunter and Melanie Smith have developed a pioneering group treatment for women going through the menopause. Managing Hot Flushes with Group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is an evidence-based manual drawing on their research which has demonstrated, in randomised controlled trials, that group CBT effectively reduces the impact of hot flushes and night sweats. The treatment is effective for women going through a natural menopause and for women who have menopausal symptoms following breast cancer treatments and for other groups of women who have troublesome symptoms. This manual provides health professionals with everything they need to run groups to help women to manage hot flushes and night sweats. Managing Hot Flushes with Group Cognitive Behaviour Therapy equips health professionals with knowledge, skills and materials to run groups to help women to manage menopausal symptoms in 6 (or 4) weekly sessions without the need for medication.
It is easy to use with a companion audio exercise and downloadable/photocopiable resources on line, as well as power-point slides, homework sheets and diaries. Following Group CBT women have the information, practical skills and strategies to help them to cope with hot flushes and night sweats, and also report improvements in sleep and quality of life. This manual will be an essential resource for nurses, psychologists, counsellors, psychological wellbeing practitioners and cognitive behaviour therapists working in health care and voluntary settings.


Fenlon, Foreword. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Session 1: Psychoeducation and the Cognitive Behavioural Model. Session 2: Stress Management, Improving Wellbeing and Identifying Precipitants. Session 3: Managing Hot Flushes Using a Cognitive Behavioural Approach. Session 4: Managing Night Sweats and Improving Sleep (Part One). Session 5: Managing Night Sweats and Sleep (Part Two). Session 6: Review and Maintaining Changes. Resources. References. Appendix: Handouts. Slides. Index


ISBN-13: 9781317653554
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: December, 2014
Pages: 176