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Language in Psychiatry
A Handbook of Clinical Practice
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Main description:

This book is designed to enable clinicians and clinicians in training to become sensitive to a wide range of language phenomena that are important for the diagnosis, treatment and research of psychiatric disorders. The introductory chapters assume no prior knowledge of linguistics and outline an approach to language that focuses on meaning and communication ranging from cultural issues to syntax and intonation.The volume deals in turn with the major categories of syndromes in psychiatry which have language as an important characterizing feature. Linguistic concepts are keyed to diagnostic criteria to make the material accessible to the practitioner. For each disorder, the diagnostic criteria that are related to language are outlined in specific linguistic terms. Thus the familiar diagnostic criteria are enriched with linguistic description that ranges from aspects of culture that constrain what can make sense in the society to aspects of intonation and wording. The volume is supplemented with appendices that link the diagnostic criteria to the language features that are heard.
Over 50 tables and diagrams provide summary information linking psychiatric categories, language features and language examples.


Foreword by Professor Bill FraserPreface1 Listening for meaning in context2 The kinds of meanings to be heard3 Meaning oddly: How a speaker can sound strange4 Communication disorders5 Pervasive developmental disorders6 Attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder7 Psychotic disorders8 Mood disorders9 Personality disorders10 The partnership of language and psychiatryGlossaryAppendices: A: Language systems grouped by the metafunctions of ideational,interpersonal, textual meaningB: DSM-IV diagnostic categories with language systems that are at riskReferences


ISBN-13: 9781845535667
Publisher: Equinox Publishing Ltd
Publication date: July, 2008
Pages: 352
Dimensions: 169.00 x 244.00 x 20.00

Subcategories: Psychiatry