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Language, Corpus and Empowerment
Applications to deaf education, healthcare and online discourses
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Main description:

Language, Corpus and Empowerment applies a novel corpus-driven approach to the exploration of the concept of empowerment in healthcare. The book proposes an innovative corpus-based methodology for finding evidence of empowerment in language use, using data from a video intervention delivered to families of deaf children, as well as assessing the effects of the intervention on the family. Language, Corpus and Empowerment * provides a working definition of empowerment which incorporates concepts from linguistics and learning theory; * uses corpus analysis to provide evidence of how video interventions can transform people's perspectives; * examines this new methodology as a potential tool for analysing conversational data longitudinally and at a case-by-case level; * demonstrates how a corpus-based methodological approach can be applied in conjunction with other language-based approaches, such as discourse analysis and conversation analysis, to explore the ways in which complex social processes occur in interaction; * makes a valuable development in the assessment of the impact of healthcare interventions and the language of empowerment.
Insightful and ground-breaking, Language, Corpus and Empowerment is essential reading for anyone undertaking research within corpus linguistics.


Introduction Chapter 1 Defining empowerment and finding evidence of it in language Chapter 2 Assessing interventions for families of hearing impaired children Chapter 3 Assessing the VIG intervention for evidence of empowerment Chapter 4 Observations: Indicators of empowerment from the VIG intervention Chapter 5 Further application of the empowerment model Chapter 6 Discussion and concluding remarks Appendices Index


ISBN-13: 9781317516644
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: February, 2015
Pages: 264