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Introduction to Exercise Science
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Main description:

The fifth edition of Introduction to Exercise Science introduces students to every core area of study in the discipline. Comprising concise chapters which introduce the history, key lines of inquiry relating to both health and performance, technology, certifications, professional associations and career opportunities associated with each area, no other book offers such a wide-ranging, evidence-based introduction to exercise science. Written by leading and experienced experts, chapters include: * reading and interpreting literature * measurement in exercise science * anatomy in exercise science * exercise physiology * exercise epidemiology * athletic training * exercise and sport nutrition * biomechanics * motor control * exercise and sport psychology Packed with pedagogical features-from journal abstract examples to study questions and further reading suggestions-and accompanied by a website including practical lab exercises, Introduction to Exercise Science is a complete resource for a hands-on introduction to the core tenets of exercise science.
It is an engaging and invaluable textbook for students beginning undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology, Sport & Exercise Science, Sports Coaching, Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Training, Sports Therapy, Sports Medicine and Health & Fitness.


1. An Introduction to Exercise Science (Terry Housh, Dona Housh, and Herbert DeVries) 2. Reading & Interpreting the Literature in Exercise Science (Travis Beck and Joel Cramer) 3. Measurement in Exercise Science (Dale Mood) 4. Anatomy in Exercise Science (Glen Johnson) 5. Exercise Physiology (Joseph Weir and Loree Weir) 6. Exercise Epidemiology (Travis Beck) 7. Athletic Training (Kyle Ebersole and Ronald Pfeiffer) 8. Exercise and Sport Nutrition (Joan Eckerson) 9. Biomechanics (Nick Stergiou, Ka-Chun Siu, Sara A. Myers and Benjamin Senderling) 10. Motor Control (David Sherwood) 11. Exercise and Sport Psychology (Richard Schmidt)


ISBN-13: 9781351711098
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: September, 2017
Pages: 304

Subcategories: Biomechanics